Philadelphia Micro-Market or Pantry Service – Which is Better?

June 23, 2022

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Philadelphia Micro-Market or Pantry Service – Which is Better?

Philadelphia vending machines are a popular refreshment service for providing quick, convenient snacks. However, they’re not the only option. Philadelphia micro-markets can provide self-service and a broader range of snack, meal, and beverage options. On the other hand, with pantry service, you can offer even more variety. The right Philadelphia refreshment service choice can result in the best experience for your employees, as well as any customers that may come to your location.

Here are some things to consider for your Philadelphia employees and workspace as you decide on the best refreshment service.

Company Size and Schedules

How many people work at your location(s)? How long are typical shifts? What’s the length of a typical break or mealtime? If employees are pressed for time and need to stay onsite, a pantry or micro-market may be a better option for daily meals.

The Break Room Space

Have limited space in your Philadelphia break room? Consider vending. Vending machines use a smaller footprint. Whereas, micro-markets and pantry services need a larger space. One Source Refreshment can work with you to assess your space and create the ideal solution.

Is your break room area central to all employees? Or far away from workers? A central break room is great for a micro-market or pantry. On the other hand, vending is a better choice for out-of-the-way break areas.

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Employee Experience

When considering a Philadelphia refreshment service, you must also think about the employee experience. What would be the impact of offering snack and meal options for your employees day-to-day? For example, offering a range of healthy options for meals and snacks can be a perk. This can ensure you stand out as an employer. Positive perks help with employee engagement and retention too.

Your Refreshment Service Budget

Want to pay for your employees’ snacks and drinks? Or will your employees buy their own refreshment options? This is important when making a refreshment services decision. In micro-markets and vending machines, items are usually bought by employees. However, you as the employer can make all products available to employees for free, and be billed for the cost.

Perhaps you want to split the cost in the break room. In that case, you could offer monthly credits towards refreshment options on a US Connect Loyalty card. In that case, once you put credits on the card, employees can use it. This works in a micro-market or on pantry items.

For more information about our custom break room solutions in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, contact One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190 or fill out our contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you and designing your workplace break room.