What is Coolbreakrooms?

Coolbreakrooms inspires and simplifies the process of upgrading your company breakroom. Their virtual showroom features innovative food & beverage products, state of the art equipment, and breakroom design ideas. Coolbreakrooms has a network of authorized providers nationwide who are ready to make your breakroom vision a reality.

Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster Cool Office Break Rooms

Cool Breakrooms logomakes creating the perfect breakroom as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster vending machines

1 Get inspired by photos of amazing breakrooms

vending machine solutions in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

2 Learn about state of the art equipment and top food & beverage options

Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster vending machine solutions

3 Make your breakroom vision a reality with authorized providers nationwide

cool breakroom providers in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

What does it take to be an authorized Cool Breakrooms logo provider?

Cutting edge technologies

State of the art equipment

Superior service

Strict healthy and safety protocols

Top quality food and beverages

Wide selection of healthy options

A great company breakroom provides many benefits.
Coolbreakrooms makes creating one easy.

Employees feel they are valued

Morale is boosted and corporate culture is improved

The breakroom becomes a hub for interaction and collaboration

Employees make more of their break time by staying on-site

An impressive meeting space is created for clients and guests

An alternative work area is created for employees

Healthier food options become more accessible

Your breakroom becomes a great selling feature for recruiting new talent