Single cup coffee in Regular and Columbian blends

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Exceptional quality

Perfectly blended Wawa coffee is ground and measured out into brewing packets that ensure Wawa quality coffee at work.

Interested in bringing the award-winning Wawa coffee line into your Philadelphia business? Let One Source Refreshment help through our turnkey office coffee service program that delivers the award-winning Wawa coffee pre-ground and pre-measured directly to you. With 195 million cups of this coffee being sold annually, it is a clear local favorite that Philadelphia workers and customers will appreciate.

Wawa office coffee products in Philadelphia

Flavorful blends

Choose the perfect variety, including original blend, decaffeinated, dark roast, and hazelnut. Wawa’s ground and pre-measured coffee ensures fresh delicious coffee throughout the day.

Tremendous value

Get quality and local brand recognition without paying premium price for other brands. Better coffee boosts productivity and morale without being as expensive as other perks.

Great coffee flavor

Wawa has perfected the art of coffee and created a way for your company to enjoy it too.

Boost the office coffee service in your workplace with Wawa coffee from One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190 or info@onesourcerefreshment.com.