The Right Choice for Healthier You™

Let’s partner to promote corporate wellness and live healthier, happier lives

Because making good eating choices is important everywhere, including work, One Source Refreshment offers a nationwide healthy vending program called The Right Choice for Healthier You™. Snacks, beverages and foods that meet dietary guidelines are marked with the program’s heart logo so they are easy for employees or visitors to identify as a
healthy vending machine selection.

Being part of the national program means we can also offer a more robust healthy vending or food program to Philadelphia workplaces, such as the ability to consult a dietician for any questions related to corporate wellness initiatives. It’s one of the ways we are partnering with others to enable smart snacking for a stronger, healthier Philadelphia.

Create a healthy vending solution with nutritious products your employees will crave.

Helping people choose healthier vending items just got easier with our Right Choice for Healthier You program. We bring you the must-have healthier vending items from national brands to local favorites. Consider how your healthy snack vending machine could be working for you with superior snack vending machine service from One Source Refreshment.

From low-calorie to no artificial ingredients, we can meet any dietary request for healthier vending fare.

Give your break room a healthy vending makeover with One Source Refreshment. Contact and 1-800-549-3190 today!