Healthy snacks in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster

It’s so great to be working together.
We’re making sure it’s as safely as possible.

Now more than ever, we believe it is important to share the steps we are taking, and will continue to take, to keep you healthy and safe. As your employees transition back into their work routines, they can feel confident relying on the convenience of our fresh foods, snacks, and beverages.


Healthy vending machines in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster

We offer the USConnect® app, allowing employees to pay for products using their own mobile device.


Healthy vending machine solutions in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster

Workers can avoid public stores and restaurants by using our unattended, on-site markets for delicious grab & go options.


Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Healthy vending machine solutions

Our vending machines provide a protective environment for snacks and beverages, plus hands-free mobile payment options.


Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Healthy vending machine services one source

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One Source Refreshment has always taken pride in its clean facilities and safe product handling. Many of the processes detailed below have always been in place, while some additional measures are a
result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of our Route Drivers wash/sanitize their hands upon entering any client building.

All kiosks/coffee/vending screens and touchpads are sanitized with EVERY visit.

All hand contact surfaces within the café, offices, warehouse, etc. are sanitized with EVERY visit. This includes door handles, tray rails, hand trucks, etc.

Our associates wash their hands thoroughly and frequently and avoid shaking hands, high fives, or other forms of contact known to spread viruses and germs.

All refrigerated food storage units in our distribution facility are cleaned and inspected daily.

Our distribution facilities are mopped and wiped down regularly.

Our fresh food program is crafted in a state of the art USDA, FDA and US Military HACCP certified facility that utilizes the most stringent sanitation parameters and global food safety protocols.

Our fresh foods are maintained safely between 38-42 degrees at all times, including during transport to our customers.

All of our associates will continue to self report on their health. Any employee that comes to work displaying flu-like symptoms will be isolated from other employees and sent home immediately.

We will respectfully adhere to any additional standards your company requires.

For more information on our health and safety practices call 800-549-3190.