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Perk up your employees with specialty coffee and flavorful tea

Save your employees costly trips to the coffee shop with our complete office coffee service. We offer a distinguishing line-up of coffee, tea, and specialty beverages. Further customize your coffeehouse experience with our assortment of creamers, sweeteners and paper products. We handle all of the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We bring the coffee shop experience right to your Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster workplace and offer a wide variety of brewing options. Which is right for you?

office coffee machines in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Single Cup Brewers

  • Clean and convenient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Huge variety of coffee flavors & brands
  • Additional choices like tea, cocoa, & soup
water filtration in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Bean to Cup Brewers

  • Single cup brewing
  • Whole beans ground on demand
  • Gourmet coffee shop beverages
  • Freshly crafted whips and froths
water filtration solutions in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Traditional Brewers

  • Brew smaller amounts of a full pot
  • Insulated carafes keep coffee hot
  • Commercial sizes available for large output
  • Variety of accessories

Give your employees the best of both worlds with our exclusive Bodecker brewing system!

water filtration and healthy vending machines in Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster
  • Premium coffee, tea, and specialty drinks
  • Freshly crafted whips and froths
  • Patented brewing process
  • 100% recyclable single cup pods

We offer a huge selection of your favorite brands

Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster water filtration and healthy vending machines

Touchless technology straight to your breakroom

Philadelphia touchless coffee machines


Straight from the bean to your cup, this machine delivers delicious perfectly portioned coffee right to your mug. With Cafection, you can scan the QR Code via your mobile device, make selections and enjoy your coffee without ever having to touch the machine!

Touchless coffee machines in Philadelphia


This smart technology keeps things smooth and simple. With Flavia, there is a drink for every moment! Employees have the option of enjoying hot and cold beverages throughout their work day!

Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster vending machines and water filtration


The Newco Coffee Companion is the perfect addition to your coffee brewer. This machine uses motion-activated technology, meaning your employees are able to select a wide variety of coffee sweeteners without ever having to touch the machine!

Touchless vending machines in Philadelphia


The all new Aquabeve bottled water and filtration services are the perfect addition to your office break room! These high-quality machines dispense hot and cold water, are sensor activated and equipped with extra sensors for safety while dispensing hot water.

Tea lover? We’ve got you covered!

We satisfy our tea customers with a premium collection of black, herbal, and green tea.

Water Filtration Service

Improve the taste of your coffee and tea service with pure, filtered water. Our direct-line units eliminate the hassle of 5 gallon jugs.

Why wait? Start enjoy great tasting coffee and tea in your office right away!