Choosing the Right Coffee Service for Your Office Workplace

January 26, 2022

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Choosing the Right Coffee Service for Your Office Workplace

Choosing the right office coffee service is key for this must-have Philadelphia workplace amenity. Coffee is proven to make employees more productive. But it also makes them happy when they can grab a quick cup from the office break room versus leaving the office for it.

What may seem like a small gesture will go a long way with your employees when you add an office coffee service to your Philadelphia break room. Your employees will feel appreciated, and they will also bond over their coffee on breaks, which will boost company morale and collaboration.

At One Source Refreshment, we offer various types of office coffee brewing systems to choose from. And we custom fit each solution based on your office size and employees’ preferences. Plus, we carry exclusive selections so that you have access to high-quality coffee and an assortment of trendy teas.

Single-cup brewer

Get the best of both worlds with the exclusive Bodecker brewing system! It offers the convenience of fresh-brewed coffee with a wide variety of different blends and flavors. Plus, the Bob-cup is 100% recyclable which makes it environmentally friendly.

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Traditional coffee brewer

Provide a constant flow of fresh coffee all day long with a traditional brewing system. It will streamline coffee breaks and heighten your Philadelphia workplace productivity. Depending on your employee count, break room size and office culture, traditional brewing systems can match the needs of everyone.

Bean to cup brewer

Bring a quality coffee brewing experience to your workplace that delivers delicious single serve portions right to your cup. With the touch of a button, employees can quickly and easily make the perfect cup of coffee in minutes to enjoy with their favorite snack.

Whether it’s café quality specialty drinks in the break room or reliable coffee pots for around the office, our office coffee service offers what your Philadelphia employees need. And they will appreciate the gesture of this office ‘perk’!

Customize your break room with an office coffee service from One Source Refreshment. Contact us today at 800-549-3190 or fill out our contact form here.