A 2024 Outlook on Healthy Vending in Greater Philadelphia: A Growing Trend

June 21, 2024

One Source Refreshment Philadelphia Healthy Vending

A 2024 Outlook on Healthy Vending in Greater Philadelphia: A Growing Trend

In the ever-evolving world of vending, the year 2024 marks an important shift towards health. In 2023, Nayax found that snacks and beverages are the most popular vending machine items. However, the data also showed a new trend. The demand for healthy options is growing.

Health is Wealth: The 2024 Vending Machine Trend

In years past, if you wanted to buy a drink at a Lehigh Valley beverage vending machine, you’d find carbonated drinks. Or you might find some chips or candy bars in a snack vending machine. Today,  health-conscious consumers want better-for-you alternatives.

In the past few years, healthy vending has become more popular. Now, people can find nutritious whole-grain snacks and sugar-free beverages. People can also find foods that meet their dietary needs. For example, you can enjoy a gluten-free snack or a Keto-friendly item.

The Top Picks: Healthy Vending Machine Products

Here are some of the best healthy vending machine products for 2024. We can add these picks and more to your New Jersey vending machines. With these products, you can cater to the growing demand for healthy options.

One Source Refreshment Philadelphia Healthy Vending

1. Fresh Sandwiches

Grab your favorite sandwich within steps of your desk. From turkey sandwiches to veggie options, sandwiches are satisfying and nutritious.

Sandwiches are a popular addition to your food vending service. On busy days, employees don’t have to work through hunger. Instead, they can pick up a sandwich in the break room.

2. Frozen Sandwiches

For those who want to focus on portion control and balanced nutrition, frozen sandwiches are the answer. Your employees can buy quick and guilt-free meals from your Philadelphia vending machines that help them achieve their health goals.

3. Nourishing Soups

Warm, comforting, and nutritious, soups are a staple in the healthy vending world. Soups are full of veggies. Plus, many soups include great sources of fiber such as beans or lentils.

One Source Refreshment Philadelphia Healthy Vending

Offer your team classic and healthy organic soups. With soup in your Delaware Vending service, employees can grab a tasty meal anytime.

4. Wholesome Dips

Power snack time with tasty dips that also offer great nutrition. Guacamole and hummus are a few popular choices.

Enjoy your dip with whole-grain crackers or vegetable sticks. Dips can be a great addition to your healthy vending service.

Embracing the Future: Health and Sustainability

Are you ready to join this new vending trend? The 2024 trend toward healthy vending services is part of a broader shift toward improving well-being. Support your team by making well-being a part of your break room.

At One Source Refreshments, we can help create a culture of health in your break room. Through our Allentown vending services, we can offer nutritious options at the touch of a button. Or, we can create a Lancaster micro-market or office pantry where your team can find fresh foods and wholesome snacks.

Join us in embracing this deliciously nutritious revolution and let’s snack our way to a healthier tomorrow!

Contact us at 800-549-3190 to learn more about our healthy break room services. We look forward to hearing from you soon.