Build a vending machine program ideal for your workplace

Dependable vending service in the Philadelphia area doesn’t come in one size fits all. At least, that is what we at One Source Refreshment believe. Our vending service solutions come with customizable options in order to deliver just the right mix of brand name products, local Philadelphia favorites, and healthy vending fare at the ideal price. Our state-of-the-art vending machines guarantee a positive user experience and the latest technology gives us an edge in delivering exceptional vending service to all Philadelphia businesses.

  • Traditional Vending

  • The best vending machine products available at your employees’ fingertips.

    • Cashless payment
    • Increase productivity
    • Popular product selection
    • Employee supported

  • Subsidized Vending

  • Keep prices low for employees by paying a portion of the vending machine item cost.

    • Control prices
    • Reward employees
    • Increase morale
    • Highlight product segments

  • Free Vending

  • Offer employees the ultimate Philadelphia workplace food benefit by paying for the full price.

    • Easy invoicing
    • Free to employees
    • Increases retention
    • Big employee perk

Professional vending machine services that fit your Philadelphia business location needs all with one source.


Discover vending options to customize your vending service solution from One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190 or