Touchless Technology for Allentown Lancaster Philadelphia Vending
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We are dedicated to using new technologies to lower our carbon footprint and be more sustainable.

Vending Machines in Allentown, Lancaster, & Philadelphia

At One Source Refreshment, we believe in going green, so we’ve invested in the latest technology to achieve our goals. Customers will notice bright, LED lighting on vending machines, which saves energy. Our warehouse features a sophisticated product fulfillment system that optimizes workflow and increases efficiency.

Wireless monitoring of the products inside our vending machines allows us to make trips to a location only when needed, saving gas. We further improve fuel efficiency by pre-kitting items that must be restocked in a tote instead of hauling all the crates of soda, snacks and food from the warehouse in the delivery truck.

Get both better service and a greener world.

From software to hardware, One Source Refreshment is better utilizing its assets to decrease its environmental impact, while exceeding customer expectations.


Using this cloud-based system, we can monitor products in our vending machines anywhere in Philadelphia.


Our equipment gives you the convenience of paying with any major credit card or debit card.


Yes! You can use your Android smartphone to pay at one of our vending machines.


All of our equipment also accepts Apple’s mobile payment and digital wallet service.


You get faster, more accurate service thanks to our sophisticated warehouse fulfillment system.



We track all of our vehicles, mapping the best routes and ensuring fuel efficient driving.


We monitor your vending machines remotely to ensure products remain in stock or restocked when necessary.


All the boxes and cardboard packaging brought daily to our warehouse is crushed and recycled.

mobile vending for Allentown, Lancaster, & Philadelphia Vending

Mobile Vending App

We want your feedback, so we added a new feature to our equipment. Employees or visitors can visit the mobile site located on the vending machine, then report a service issue or suggest a new product. It’s simple, easy and allows customers to contact us directly instead of always going through a facility manager or service representative.

Wireless Technology

Our vending machines tell us what they need

Better service starts with understanding your business and being able to identify needs. We have invested in wireless technology to do just that. It tracks products that have been sold from our vending machines, so we know what your location needs before we leave the warehouse. Reporting shows what items are selling, and what might need to be rotated out to keep the selection fresh. The efficiencies we gain make us better stewards of the environment and allow us to provide the best vending service in Philadelphia.


Get the vending service that’s going green with One Source Refreshment at and 1-800-549-3190.