Pantry Service Solutions for your business

Inspire and reward employees with workplace refreshment

Show employees they are valued with corporate paid food, snacks, and beverages. Not only does it increase the morale of the workplace, but it refreshes and revitalizes staff, increasing productivity. Less expensive than other benefits, such as wage increases, offering a pantry service solution can endear you to employees and set your company apart here in the Philadelphia area. It’s a benefit that pays for itself several times over.

With One Source Refreshment pantry service, employees are free to enjoy whatever foods and drinks you choose to sponsor in the breakroom. Choose from our broad range of items including everything from healthy snacks to indulgent treats. We handle all the logistics and bill you monthly to keep it convenient and easy to offer top-of-the-line refreshment options to your most valuable asset – your workforce.

Transform your break room into an employee retention tool with free food and drink pantry

  • Customized Programs

    Select the snacks, food, and beverages you want to offer and we’ll tailor the pantry service solution just for your Philadelphia business and employees.

  • Great Fringe Benefits

    Offering corporate sponsored food and drinks is less expensive than higher wages, but just as effective in improving morale and productivity.

  • Healthy & Nutritious

    Empower your employees with better-for-you options that support their choices to live a healthy lifestyle. And offer them free!

  • The Ultimate Breakroom

    One Source Refreshment pantry service creates a breakroom that brings added value to your business through employee appreciation and retention.

  • Your Pantry Service

    Hassle-free, pantry service provides a great return on investment. We handle all stocking, delivery logistics and menu creation, billing you for product once a month.

  • Convenience

    Pantry service offers the items your employees are looking for right on site. It is a popular and successful employee benefit that is easy to implement and use with food available 24/7.

We make your breakroom work for you

Lure and retain top talent with the workplace refreshment know-how from One Source Refreshment at and 1-800-549-3190.