Healthy Snacking on the Rise

July 15, 2019

Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia

Healthy Snacking on the Rise

Healthy snacking is on the rise in Philadelphia as employees continue to move away from eating three traditional meals a day. Many people now consider snacks an important part of a healthy diet and vending service companies have realized the trend is a big business opportunity. They have responded with a wider variety of vending options to satisfy their client’s needs.

One Source Refreshment is the largest independent vending service provider in the Philadelphia area. They have been serving clients for 40 years and have seen the evolution of snacking habits firsthand.  “When it comes to snacking, our customers seek much more than traditional packaged foods,” says Sales Manager, Mark Robinson. “They continue to gain interest in our fresh foods and healthier offerings. Companies are also upgrading their break rooms to make healthy, on-site snacking a lot easier for their employees.” Companies that want to improve the snacking experience for their workers are updating their break rooms in a variety of ways, including pantry services, micro-markets, and upgraded vending machines.

Healthy Snacking in PhiladelphiaPantry Service

This program is great for companies that want to sponsor snacks and beverages for their employees. Companies with pantry service offer their staff a complimentary assortment of healthy foods, snacks, beverages, and indulgences. Pantry service is an affordable way to increase employee morale and boost energy levels throughout the workday. The open stock format is sanitary, well maintained, and always available to employees on demand.

Healthy Snacking in PhiladelphiaMicro-Markets

One Source Refreshment offers its clients Bistro to Go® micro-markets and the experience is similar to having a small convenience store right at the office. Micro-markets offer a large assortment of refrigerated foods including fresh, locally sourced meals, salads, dairy, and snacks. It is complemented with a great selection of packaged foods, treats, and beverages. Employees can shop the market freely and pay conveniently at a self-serve payment kiosk, which accepts numerous forms of electronic payment.

Traditional Vending

It is also easy to enhance the traditional vending experience with updated product assortments or upgraded, refrigerated vending machines. One Source Refreshment offers delicious, fresh, refrigerated options as well as a broad selection of non-refrigerated healthy snacks. Companies can bring a healthier balance of snacking options to their employees by re-evaluating their assortments.

As employees embrace snacking as an integral part of their lifestyle, their Philadelphia employers are stepping up to provide them with improved options at work. Companies that upgrade their office break room to support these lifestyle shifts are ensuring their employees feel valued and supported at the office.

One Source Refreshment offers free break room consultations and product tastings to clients throughout the Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Delaware. To schedule an appointment, call 800-549-3190.