Healthy Employees Love These Lehigh Valley Break Room Solutions

November 23, 2022

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Healthy Employees Love These Lehigh Valley Break Room Solutions

Healthy employees are important for all Lehigh Valley businesses. When employees feel their best, they can work their best. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to offer healthy options in your break room.

Need help? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hydration for Healthy Employees

Employees need to stay hydrated. If they don’t, they feel tired. Or, they can get dizzy. Keep your team hydrated with Lehigh Valley trendy teas. In fact, tea has many health benefits. Drinking tea boosts your immune system. Thus, employees can fight off colds. Furthermore, tea tastes great. It can be enjoyed hot or cold!

Gourmet coffee is another great option. It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up. Transform your break room into a café. Our Lehigh Valley office coffee services can help! We offer single-cup brewers. These let employees customize their cups. They can pick their brew strength or size.

Snack Well

Healthy foods keep your staff happy. That’s because they stay fueled. It also reduces hunger between meals. Be sure to offer fresh foods in your office. Lehigh Valley micro-markets make this easy! You can provide more fresh food options. For example, employees can enjoy fresh salads or sandwiches. And with self-serve payment kiosks, they can skip busy checkout lines. How convenient!

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Secondly, a Lehigh Valley pantry service is a good option. Employees can get free snacks and drinks. Keep your pantry stocked with healthy options. For instance, try nuts or dried fruit. This rewards your team. Better yet, this increases morale!

Promote Positivity

Lastly, promote positivity for happy and healthy employees. This begins in your Lehigh Valley break room. Offer comfy seating. This gives employees a space to chat. Or, they can catch up over their cups of coffee. Therefore, coworkers can connect.

Additionally, employees can munch on healthy snacks at meetings. Bring out nuts or low-fat chips. Fresh fruits and veggies are also fantastic! Your staff can share fresh ideas over fresh foods.

Healthy Employees Are Important for Lehigh Valley Offices

Healthy employees can benefit your business. They can conquer their goals. Also, they’ll take fewer sick days. Healthy employees are also happier. This can increase retention.

Want to keep your crew healthy? One Source Refreshment can help. Our break room solutions promote workplace wellness. We offer trendy teas, fresh foods, and gourmet coffee. To learn more, call us today at 800-549-3190. Or, email We’ll help your staff feel fit and fab!