Create an Office Oasis with Our Lehigh Valley Break Room Services

December 15, 2022

Lehigh Valley Break Room Services | Healthy Office Snacks | Vending Machines

Create an Office Oasis with Our Lehigh Valley Break Room Services

The break room is an incredibly important part of any office. It’s the place employees go to relax. They can grab some grub. Or, they can catch up with coworkers. This allows them to relax and re-energize. As such, you need the best Lehigh Valley break room services possible.

However, this can be challenging. Luckily, One Source Refreshments can help. Our solutions can fit your every need.

Here’s how we can help you build a better break room.

Custom Micro-Markets

Lehigh Valley micro-markets are break room must-haves. Our custom designs fit in any break room. Our open-concept marketplaces offer endless product varieties. For instance, stock fresh foods in the coolers. This way, employees can dine on healthy options. Or, keep sweets in the customizable racks. Everyone loves chocolate!

Another great option is a Lehigh Valley pantry service. Treat your team to free food. This increases employee satisfaction. Therefore, you can retain top talent!

Vending Machines Are Great Break Room Services

Lehigh Valley vending machines will enhance the break room experience. That’s because employees have 24-hour access to refreshments. Snack vending machines let them load up on tasty treats. Best of all, we carry big-name brands and local favorites. For example, we offer Doritos and Kit-Kats.

Lehigh Valley Micro-Market | Office Coffee & Break Room Services | Fresh Food

Want healthy options? We have those too! Employees can munch on CLIF Bars. Or, they can drink juice and vitamin water.

Office Coffee Services

Our Lehigh Valley gourmet coffee products are guaranteed to please! We carry blends from Wawa and Flavia. Additionally, we have many different coffee brewer options. For example, traditional brewers are great for bigger offices. Or, get a single-cup brewer. These make coffee by the pod. Therefore, users can pick their favorite flavors. Best of all, the coffee is always made fresh!

Lastly, our bean-to-cup brewers make endless drink options. Employees can make lattes or cappuccinos. These flavorful drinks keep them energized!

Hydration Stations

Staying hydrated is important. Water helps bodies function at their best. Hydrated employees are also more productive. Thus, your break room needs Lehigh Valley water filtration services.

Our water filters can fit into any break room. For example, we have freestanding and countertop units. Both models offer hot and cold water. Plus, they make water taste better. That’s because they remove chemical tastes. Add filtered water to your coffee. As a result, each cup tastes fresh!

Fantastic Lehigh Valley Break Room Services

Want the best break room in the Lehigh Valley? If so, contact One Source Refreshment today. We offer gourmet coffee, fresh foods, custom micro-markets, and more. Contact us at 800-549-3190 or We’ll make your break room a huge hit!