Why Visit Your Break Room Supplier?

August 15, 2019

Break Rooms in Philadelphia

Why Visit Your Break Room Supplier?

Is the decision to upgrade your Philadelphia break room leaving you overwhelmed? Do all of the vending providers you meet seem to have similar offerings? It is no surprise. If you are looking for a vending company in the Philadelphia area you will find yourself flooded with options.

At first glance, many vending companies seem similar. This could lead to a decision based on small price differences that never add up. But before you enter into a new break room contract, or renew your existing one, it is a great idea to visit a vending company’s warehouse. The visit will give you important insight before making a long-term commitment.

Break Rooms in Philadelphia

One Source Refreshment’s 24,000 sq. foot warehouse & distribution center

One Source Refreshment is the leading independent vending services provider in the Philadelphia area. Its owner, Bob Betz, knows there are big differences between how vending companies store and handle fresh foods, snacks, and beverages. He offers advice on what to look for during a warehouse visit. Bob is extremely proud of his spotless 24,000 square foot distribution and warehousing facility and he is happy to welcome visitors anytime. “We go above and beyond to provide a fresh and safe product for our customer. I wish everyone could see how our food is stored and the effort and care that goes into handling each item.”


“How clean a vending company keeps their warehouse is a great indicator of how well they will care for your food and your business,” Bob says. One Source Refreshment’s smoke-free warehouse is cleaned and inspected between each shift. Their refrigerated units are checked daily for order and cleanliness, and the entire facility is mopped and wiped down every week. “The vending company you work with should hold themselves to strict internal standards to ensure your food is in a clean, safe, and pest-free environment,” he notes. 

Temperature Control

During your visit, take a look at how fresh food is organized and stored. Are perishable foods received frequently to minimize storage time and maximize freshness? Are cold foods kept cold at all times? Factors like these can have a big impact on food quality and taste. One Source Refreshment’s 1600 square foot refrigerator unit maintains all fresh foods safely between 38-42 degrees.

Climate control is also important in the delivery truck. The delivery trucks you see should be equipped with reliable coolers that keep fresh food cold during transport. Bob explains, “the cooler units in our trucks are always between 38-42 degrees, just like our warehouse refrigerators. This ensures our customers’ fresh foods are not exposed to temperature shifts while on the road.”

Break Rooms in Philadelphia

Charles Bondi, Warehouse Manager for One Source Refreshment

Order Processing

Be sure to also check how your orders will be generated, processed, and delivered to your office. Better vending companies utilize the latest technology to fill customer orders. They get information in real-time and process it quickly. One Source Refreshment uses Cantaloupe Systems and Lightspeed technology to receive data wirelessly from each customer’s break room. Their orders are generated automatically, then picked, processed, and loaded daily. Drivers have access to daily route and machine information through their smartphone, ensuring efficient and accurate deliveries to each location.

Bob recommends taking a look at your current supplier, or new ones you may be considering, to see how they rate in these areas. A quick visit to their warehouse facility will provide a clear picture of how your account will be handled on a daily basis after the paperwork is signed. All vending suppliers should be as excited as Bob is to open their doors and invite you inside.

One Source Refreshment offers complete vending services to clients in the greater Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Delaware. To schedule a free consultation and product tasting contact them at 800-549-3190.