Why a Snack Vending Machine is Crucial in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Workplaces

November 17, 2023

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Why a Snack Vending Machine is Crucial in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Workplaces

As we approach 2024, people are snacking more than ever. According to Vending Market Watch, “71% of consumers snack at least twice a day.” In other words, people like to snack. That includes your employees.

How can you meet the snacking trends going into the new year? Ultimately, you want to keep your team happy and satisfied. That’s where snack vending machines in Philadelphia, Allentown, or Lancaster come in. Take a look at how a snack vending machine service can improve your office break room.

People Prefer to Replace Meals with Snacks

A 2023 study on the state of snacking reported that many people are replacing meals with snacks. Whether it’s because of their budget, dietary preferences, or a lack of time, people prefer snacking to traditional meals.

Philadelphia Office Refreshments | Allentown Snacks & Beverages | Lancaster Vending Machine

That means a Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster snack vending machine is a great addition to your break room. Office snacks bring many benefits to the workplace. Here are a few:

    • Promote a habit of at least snacking when a full meal isn’t feasible.
    • Boost energy quickly and effectively. A snack can help fuel your team.
    • Snack vending machines are convenient. If you don’t have time to go to the store, just stop by the office break room!


Employees Want a Quality Philadelphia Snack Vending Machine

If you’re going to add a snack vending machine, it needs to be done right. Don’t hire a Lancaster or Allentown vending company that only fills your machine once a month. Poor service means nobody will even use it!

Instead, hire One Source Refreshment for your Philadelphia vending services. Why? Here’s why our vending machine service is the best in the area:

    • We have a 90% retention rate. We’ve been with many clients since the 1990s!
    • Boost morale with better service. Employees will love using our modern vending machines. They are always fully stocked and ready to use. Plus, payments are easy. We accept credit cards, cash, and mobile wallets.
    • We offer quality snack vending machines. They go beyond your average snacks. We can also provide healthy vending options. We even take requests. Ask for your favorite vending machine snacks. We’ll fill our Philadelphia vending machines with the products you love.
    • We bring variety in food and service options. If you need more vending options, just let us know! Reward employees with free or subsidized vending. Either option is a fabulous employee benefit. We also offer a full range of vending machines. If your team loves sandwiches and full meals, try our food vending. Or, ask about our beverage vending machines. We’ll keep your team hydrated with tasty drinks.
    • We use modern technology to improve service. Remote monitoring helps us track your inventory. That way, you’ll never run out of snacks. Our customer service includes ZippyAssist. With this tool, getting help is easy. Get an instant refund, give feedback, or report an issue. It’s impossible to find a better company in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster. You’ll get caring service with us.


Philadelphia Office Refreshments | Allentown Snacks & Beverages | Lancaster Vending Machine

Offer a Greater Variety of Snacks with a Philadelphia Micro-market

Do you want to take your break room to the next level? A Lancaster micro-market might be the perfect choice. This office break room solution is tailored to your needs.

This open market offers snacks, tasty beverages, and even fresh food. Employees can view items before purchasing. Then, they can check out at the self-serve kiosk.

We can provide more customization with a micro-market. Let us know what foods and snacks you’d like to see. From sandwiches and salads to candy bars, we can supply it all. Then, we’ll add them to your Philadelphia micro-market.

One Source Refreshment Is Your Partner in Philadelphia Snack Vending Machine Services

When you work with One Source Refreshment, you get a hassle-free break room solution. From the set-up to a personalized servicing schedule, we ensure your experience is second to none.

Choose One Source Refreshment! We have the experience, technology, and industry expertise to keep your break room full and employees happy. Hire us for all of your Allentown and Philadelphia vending needs.

Contact One Source Refreshment or call us today at 800-549-3190. We look forward to working with you!