Why You Need Coffee by a Master Roaster in Your Lehigh Valley Office Coffee Service

May 26, 2023

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Why You Need Coffee by a Master Roaster in Your Lehigh Valley Office Coffee Service

A great office break room starts with an excellent office coffee service! The average coffee drinker knows more than ever about the types of brews and tastes. This can mean the difference between good coffee and great coffee. And that is where you can really make your Lehigh Valley refreshment services stand out. If you’re not sure where to start, we can help!

At One Source, we partner with Bodecker Brewed, which offers single-cup coffee brewers. This ensures the best coffee is in your Lehigh Valley break room. In fact, our brews and brewing processes were developed by a master roaster. That means you won’t have to give up quality for convenience. With nine unique roasts and 100% recyclable pods, One Source’s coffee products can create a Lehigh Valley office coffee service your staff will love!

Ready to enhance your company’s break room? Here’s how a brew master-approved coffee machine can do just that.

What Is a Master Roaster?

A master roaster is like a sommelier of coffee! This coffee industry professional is an approved expert by their peers and the Roasters Guild. They are regarded as an authority within the industry. To reach this status, a master roaster must go through extensive training and study through multiple levels of roasters. This means you can trust the coffee they make to be high quality. Not to mention, delicious! As a result, your team will see and love the commitment to quality in your Lehigh Valley office coffee service.

Bodecker Brewed Roasts for Your Office Coffee Service

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A high quality coffee service offers a mix of options for employees to enjoy. Bodecker Brewed has nine different roasts to choose from, which means everyone can find a brew to fit their liking — just add water! The roasts include: Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop Blend, Colombiana, Fair Trade Organic Colombian, Esperanto, Espresso, French Roast, Turkana, Delano Decaf, Tortello, and Cappulato. This tasty variety of high-quality coffee paired with One Source’s top-tier services will give you with the best break room services in Lehigh Valley. Trust us, your employees will love it!

Sustainable Coffee Pods for an Eco-Conscious Office Coffee Service

One of the best parts of a Bodecker Brewed office coffee machine is that it’s an eco-friendly option. The Bodecker “bob-cup” are fully recyclable pods. This allows you and your staff to feel good about your daily cup of coffee. Plus, it will help your company and team as a whole reduce your carbon footprint. Bodecker also uses a cleaner and more sanitary process of brewing and packaging their coffee. For example, the single cup is aluminum rather than plastic, making it easy to recycle it after use.

Upgrade Your Lehigh Valley Office Coffee Service With One Source!

As a leading break room provider, One Source is here to ensure the best break room for your team. That starts with your office coffee service. Ready to work with us?  Contact One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190 or info@onesourcerefreshment.com for more information. Ask us about any of our services, including micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, and vending services. We look forward to working with you!