Which Cool Beverage Vending Machine Drink in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Best Describes You?

July 21, 2023

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Which Cool Beverage Vending Machine Drink in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Best Describes You?

You know that cold beverage vending machines offer a wide range of drinks. Many of these refreshing beverages are unique and cater to different tastes found in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster. But which one describes you? We’ve rounded up some One Source Refreshment vending machine favorites with their personality profiles. Can you find your match?

What’s Your Vending Machine Beverage and Personality?


Yearning for sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and a taste of the tropics? Then the Goya Coconut Water is the perfect drink for you. This healthy beverage vending drink exudes a sense of relaxation and island vibes. It speaks to the carefree spirit of someone who seeks adventure, and someone who enjoys being in touch with nature. Just like Goya Coconut Water, you have a knack for embracing new experiences in Philadelphia, Allentown, Lancaster, and beyond. This, and your free-spirit, draws others towards you.

Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango: The Life of the Party

Are you the lively center of every gathering? Got energy and enthusiasm to spare? If so, Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango is the drink with your vibrant nature. Bursting with a bold combo of tangy oranges and sweet mangoes, this beverage vending option reflects your zest for life. It speaks to the magnetic charm and charisma that captivates those around you.

Arizona Green Tea: The Zen Master

For those who like tranquility and seek a sense of calm, Arizona Green Tea is the ideal choice. With its delicate blend of green tea and honey, this is a soothing drink. It’s a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Do you find solace in quiet moments and have a serene air? Then you align with the essence of Arizona Green Tea. You have a wise and thoughtful nature, always striving for balance and harmony.

Monster Energy Zero Ultra Sugar-Free Energy: The Energizer

Always on the go? Seeking an extra boost to fuel you to lofty pursuits? Then Monster Energy Zero Ultra Sugar-Free Energy is the drink that best portrays you. Packed with a potent combo of caffeine and flavor, it matches your steady drive and resolve. You thrive on challenges and push yourself to greatness, just like Monster Energy Zero Ultra. You have a steadfast focus that propels you forward!

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Nitro Cold Brew by Route 66: The Trendsetter

If you have a love for all things hip and trendy, the Nitro Cold Brew by Route 66 is the embodiment of your style and taste. This smooth and velvety coffee drink is infused with nitrogen. That gives it a unique texture which represents your knack for staying ahead of the curve. You have an eye for the latest food, fashion, music, and art. Your fresh ideas often inspire others. Like this Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster beverage fav, you’re always pushing boundaries and setting new trends.

Cold Beverage Vending Machines Perfect for Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Break Rooms

Start a buzz with these fun and tasty vending machine drinks. One Source Refreshment has the right products and skills to deliver a Philadelphia, Allentown, or Lancaster beverage vending service that WOWs. Pair it with vending snacks and really get your office break room full of happy staff. Reach out today to learn more or do some research on our FAQ page full of vending machine insights.

Want more cold, fun drinks in your Philadelphia, Allentown, or Lancaster break room? One Source Refreshments can help with that. In fact, we offer beverage vending machines and many other services. Check out our service area to find out if we cover your location or contact us at 800-549-3190 or info@onesourcerefreshment.com