vending in Philadelphia

Vending Company Features Local products

One Source Refreshment is deeply rooted in the Philadelphia area and has been providing vending services to loyal customers for 40 years. Since its inception, it has promoted the unique flavors and tastes that make the Philadelphia area a delicious place to call home.

Jared Detwiler, VP of Operations at One Source Refreshment, is a firm believer that being locally and independently owned gives his vending company a distinct advantage over national competitors. “We have the flexibility to include fresh, homegrown products in our assortments.  Local food is a big part of our culture and we are proud to offer it to our customers each week.”  Jared emphasizes that One Source makes every effort to support other companies based in the greater Philadelphia area too.  “This is our home.  We want the businesses based here to thrive.”

vending in PhiladelphiaFarm fresh milk and 100% fruit juices from Reading, PA-based Clover Farms Dairy are a mainstay in One Source Refreshment’s vending machines and micro-markets. So are chips and snacks from Nottingham, PA-based Herr’s foods.   One Source also provides famous tomato pies from Corropolese Italian Bakery, which has been family owned for four generations.  And sweet treats from Just Born candy factory are a nostalgic “must-have” that they offer as well.  All of these companies have a rich history in our area, some dating back 100 years.

Brands based in the Philadelphia area that have expanded their distribution still inspire loyalty from our locals. Wawa coffee has such a big following amongst One Source’s customers that they offer it for both traditional and single-cup brewers.   Another local favorite One Source offers is Ellis coffee.  Ellis began in a small shop on Philadelphia’s waterfront and is now served in fine hotels and restaurants nationwide.

vending in Philadelphia

Jared Detwiler, VP of Operations (right) and Tim Greble, Director of Markets

Tastykake is another well-loved offering from One Source Refreshment. Originally delivered by horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Philadelphia, Tastykake gained national fandom when they shipped their products to US Troops overseas during World War II.  Jared continued that tradition in his own family by shipping Tastykakes and Wawa coffee overseas to his brother Kyle, who served in the Air Force.  “It always made me happy to hear how a taste of home brightened the spirits of my brother and his friends,” he says.

Being born and raised in the Philadelphia area is a great source of pride for Jared. He and his wife Missy are thrilled to be raising their daughter here and are excited to welcome a son to the family this fall. For Jared, it just makes sense to work for a company with local roots.  “Our founder, Bob Betz, embodies hometown pride,” Jared says. “New customers that work with us quickly realize that One Source Refreshment gives them all the advantages of a big national player and so much more.  Through our service and our spirit, we represent community.  And through our products, we represent a connection to home.”

One Source Refreshment provides vending machines, coffee service, and micro-markets to businesses in the Philadelphia area, including New Jersey and Delaware. They offer free break room consultations and product tastings.  To schedule,  call 800-549-3190.