Move Over Coffee, There’s a “New” Drink in Philadelphia

July 27, 2016

Coffee and Tea service in Philadelphia

Move Over Coffee, There’s a “New” Drink in Philadelphia

Coffee and Tea service in PhiladelphiaWhat’s the world’s second most consumed beverage, second only to water?

Tea (that’s right, not coffee)


Experts attribute the growing demand to three primary factors:

  1. Health/wellness trends
  2. Positive media coverage
  3. Evolving retail landscape (retail stores are continuing to expand nationwide, providing great consumer access to finer-quality specialty teas – i.e. in 2012 Starbucks spent $620 million on their acquisition of Teavana [North America’s largest retail tea chain])

Furthermore as the media continues to highlight the health benefits of tea (especially green tea) it simultaneously is educating the public on the growing health concerns of other beverage alternatives such as fruit juice and carbonated soda beverages, which not so surprisingly have been consecutively down in sales the last 9 years.

So what does this mean for your business, for your Philadelphia break room?

It means in a world where coffee is famous you may want to focus a little more attention on the quieter but more popular star.

Coffee is a wonderful employee benefit but make sure when you’re putting together your beverage program that you remember the teas too. By doing so (statistically) you’ll please more of your employee population.

Not sure where to begin? Call your local vendor for advice. In the meantime here is some information that may be helpful in determining what varieties you should provide on your Philadelphia break room counter.

Most Popular Loose, Bagged and Concentrated Teas (in order):Office tea

  1. Black Tea
  2. Loose Iced Teas/Powder Tea Mixes
  3. Green/White Tea Bags
  4. Herbal Beverage Tea Bags – defined
  5. Medicinal Tea Bags

Most Popular Herbal and Medicinal Teas

  1. Chamomile
  2. Mints
  3. Ginger
  4. Valerian
  5. Acai
  6. Senna
  7. Echinacea
  8. Dandelion

For more information about how to set up a coffee and tea service in your Philadelphia breakroom call One Source Refreshment today at 1-800-549-3190