Three Proven Ways to Transform Your Lancaster Break Room

March 24, 2023

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Three Proven Ways to Transform Your Lancaster Break Room

Creating a break room experience does not need to be a hassle. If your Lancaster break room needs a boost, One Source Refreshment offers custom break room designs to keep your employees healthy and thriving. To further improve company morale, we can provide a wonderful array of services, such as a micro-market.

One Source Refreshment can transform your break room, which will transform your employee’s daily experience as well. We offer many services, but here are three proven ways to improve company morale, increase happiness, and improve company culture.

We Make Upgrading Your Lancaster Break Room Easy

Ready for a custom designed Lancaster break room experience? Let’s get started.

Option One: Create a Micro-market in the Break Room

One Source Refreshment creates some of the coolest micro-market break rooms in the business. We can do the same for you. As an authorized provider of coolbreakrooms, we are qualified to provide you with the best possible experience. We know our way around company snacks, meals, beverages, and office coffee. Let us bring our 40+ years of experience into your break room. We can recommend the best options for your Lancaster break room, according to your needs.

Another big benefit of partnering with us? We partner with USConnect. Why does this matter? It means you get monthly promotions, loyalty programs for your employees, and charitable donations with each purchase. The best part? You don’t need to do anything. One Source Refreshment handles it all.

Micro-markets simplify the process of onsite delicious and fresh meals. They add healthy snacks and beverages that will improve company morale. In fact, we partner with Fresh Creative Cuisine to supply you with the very finest fresh foods. Each day, talented in-house chefs develop distinctive and creative recipes for your employees to enjoy.

Offering micro-markets goes beyond a redesign. This option can actually rebuild your employee’s experience.

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Option Two: Offer Employees Freshly Brewed Coffee and Tea

Lancaster employees love a freshly brewed cup of coffee or hot cup of tea. We have many different options when it comes to coffee. Ask us and we can tailor our service to your break room. One easy way to provide gourmet coffee in the office is with our single cup brewer. With advanced brewing technology, our Flavia coffee machine can treat your employees to a variety of beverages, which brew in under a minute. In fact, it can make up to 25 different beverages. Your Lancaster employees can select from three different sizes as well.

We offer traditional brewers and single cup office coffee, however, so you can choose which one works best for your company. Give us a call or email us if you are unsure.

Option Three: Provide Quick Options with Vending Services

Healthy vending is revolutionizing the Lancaster break room experience. The Right Choice for a Healthier You™ program, thanks to our USConnect partner, provides you with more healthy vending options. Micro-markets are available 24/7 as well, but many love the traditional vending service. It’s quick, compact, and keeps employees nourished – even through late night shifts. Snacks and beverages are available when your employees want and need them. During late night shifts, a chocolate bar or caffeinated drink may be a necessary boost.

Not sure of what items you want or need? One Source Refreshment is happy to help you, track what sells, and stock accordingly. In addition, you can sample products to customize your selections – as well as your break room. Allow us to personalize your snack vending experience.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Us

Not sure if a micro-market is right for you? Consider our free consultation for more customized solutions from us. In fact, product sampling is a great way to customize your choices and discover the many possibilities with One Source Refreshment.

With our creative custom break room designs, we can help you craft an experience your employees will enjoy, and want to return to often. To reach us, call 800-549-3190 or email us at for all your Lancaster break room needs!