One Source Refreshment is Powered by the Sun!

April 22, 2021

Solar Panels in Philadelphia | Earth Day | One Source Refreshment

One Source Refreshment is Powered by the Sun!

One Source Refreshment is Powered by the Sun!

We are excited to announce that we have gone 100% solar to help decrease our carbon footprint and be part of the movement to a cleaner environment! With 554 roof-mounted solar panels, installed by Paradise Energy Solutions, our 24,000 square foot facility will produce 236,094 kWh in electricity each year, nearly 100% of our usage. This is enough energy to power 22 homes, offsetting 183.6 tons of CO2 or replacing 387.2 barrels of oil each year.

In addition to our roof-mounted solar panels, we are also incorporating the following green practices into our daily operations and services:

1. Recycle Packaging, Plastic and Aluminum

2. Green Coffee Systems

3. Beta testing new electric vehicles – Keeping us on the cutting edge with this brand new specially designed truck

4. Utility Reduction with Occupancy Sensor Lighting and Energy Star Equipment

5. Reducing our Carbon Footprint with Remote machine monitoring, Pre-kitting and Dynamic route scheduling

At One Source Refreshment we take pride in being the best breakroom solutions provider located in Pennsylvania serving the greater Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, Berks County, Lancaster County, New Jersey and Delaware. We are always looking for ways to be as efficient as possible not only in the services we provide to our customers, but also to the community we serve and the environment we all live in.

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