The Best Decision You Ever Made (that didn’t cost you a thing)

July 24, 2016

Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster vending machines and water filtration

The Best Decision You Ever Made (that didn’t cost you a thing)

For years vending machines have been loved by break rooms everywhere. They offer convenience, provide delicious, healthy snacks and allow a snack/meal break when restaurants and stores may be closed or too far away to access during an allotted break time. However, in these same years, vending machines have been loved to be hated. Products get stuck, change doesn’t dispense, dollar bills (no matter how many times you flatten them) won’t read and in some scenarios products (when they do vend) come through the hatch expired.

In short vending machines are just that: machines. And machines are not perfect. But what if there was a system that was closer to perfect? One that prohibited lost money and stuck product?  One that offered even fresher food and guaranteed that customers never had to purchase an outdated product again?

Micro Markets are that system.G&W Labs

A Micro Market operates as a mini convenience store in break rooms in place of typical vending machines. With open shelving for shelf stable products, reach in coolers and freezers and a self-checkout kiosk, customers (your employees) can hold their product before they ever purchase it. Which means in addition to being guaranteed they will receive what they purchased they can also:

  • Check expiration dates
  • Examine nutritional information (allowing the opportunity to make an informed purchasing decision for their taste buds and their health)

What about money?

Micro Markets use stored value cards, credit cards and finger print recognition to make payment as convenient as possible for your employees. With their stored value cards, employees can upload cash or credit (at the kiosk or online) to make a purchase. The card stores the balance, which means no change is given back (eliminating the coin mechanism which is responsible for roughly 90% of all vending related service calls).

And for freshness?Micro Markets Philadelphia

Those reach in coolers, in addition to beverages; hold FRESH food (not frozen to defrosted, but fresh). Delicious sandwiches, salads, burritos, yogurts, parfaits, wraps, fruit, etc. are now readily accessible to your employees without ever having to leave the office.

So what does all of this mean for your Philadelphia business?

  • Happier/healthier employees
  • Reduction of extended off site employee breaks
  • Improvement of employee efficiency

Which in turn increases your company’s bottom line as happy employees will produce better results.

Want to revolutionize your company’s break room with a micro market of your own? Call One Source Refreshment at 1-800-549-3190 today and ask what requirements need to be met to qualify for a micro market at your place of business.