Micro-Market Upgrade in Philadelphia

Micro-Market Upgrade Improves Philadelphia Workplace

One Source Refreshment recently completed its latest Philadelphia area break room transformation at QMES in Oaks, PA.  It took only a few hours to remove the old vending equipment and install a Bistro to Go!® micro-market upgrade.  By the end of the workday, their break room had a facelift complete with custom shelving, fresh food and snacks, and an easy and secure payment kiosk.

Paul Long leads the installation team for One Source Refreshment.  He says that employees are always curious about the process, and excited to see the new choices in their break room. “With Bistro to Go!® micro-markets, employees have 3 to 5 times more food options than with traditional vending.  That is what excites them the most.”

One Source Refreshment works with clients in the greater Philadelphia area (inclusive of the suburbs, Lehigh Valley and Reading), New Jersey, and Delaware to make sure that they always have the items their employees crave. Fresh food and beverages are displayed in temperature-controlled environments and rotated several times weekly for maximum freshness.  A broad assortment of chips, candies, nuts, and more are always on hand for snacking.  One Source Refreshment’s customers love that they can easily personalize their micro-market offerings as their needs change.

Christina Jeremicz and Brian Kennedy, both of QMES, helped to initiate this improvement in their workplace. Christina notes, “We have over 300 people working out of this location.  Several of them run out to local convenience stores for snacks and beverages throughout the day.  We wanted to provide them with the convenience of those options here.” Brian knew that installing a micro-market at QMES would benefit everyone on the team. “It’s a huge add to the workplace,” he says.  “It really improves the environment for employees.  Already, the feedback has been extremely positive.”

Micro-Market Upgrade in Philadelphia

Chuck and Paul from One Source Refreshment

When companies upgrade to a Bistro to Go!® micro-market, One Source Refreshment is with them every step of the way to ensure its success.  Chuck Long, Manager of Account Services at One Source Refreshment, ensures that every employee is comfortable with how to make the most of their micro-market experience.  Chuck loves showing users just how easy it is to pay for their food and beverages at the Bistro to Go!® payment kiosk.  The kiosk accepts credit or debit cards, Google Pay® and Apple Pay®, and the USConnect® app. Chuck believes that the micro-market payment kiosk is just another reason why Bistro to Go!® micro-markets are the wave of the future.  “As the Millennial generation becomes a larger part of the workforce, the demand for easy, cashless payment options continues to grow.  Micro-markets offer a large variety of food, beverages, and snacks all without fumbling for dollars or coins.”

The impact of a micro-market upgrade is easy to see on the appreciative smiles of QMES employees.  Summed up simply by one employee, “Wow! This is way better!”

A Bistro to Go!® micro-market is a zero-cost upgrade for employers, yet it provides a huge payoff in improved company morale.  To learn more about adding this exciting break room concept to your Philadelphia area workplace,  schedule a free consultation by contacting One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190.