Industry Supports Healthy Snacking

December 30, 2019

Healthy Snacking in Philadelphia

Industry Supports Healthy Snacking

The demand for healthy snacking options is growing in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  And as consumers make more mindful eating choices, food manufacturers are responding with a greater variety of healthy snacking products. The convenience services industry is also in full step with these changes, pledging greater access to wholesome, quality food and beverages on the go.

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is a leader in the convenience services industry. It is comprised of more than 1,000 companies providing vending services, office coffee, and micro-markets throughout the country. This October, NAMA announced its Public Health Commitment with the support of the Partnership for a Healthier America and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. NAMA’s Public Health Commitment is a pledge to increase the percentage of ‘better for you’ offerings in the nation’s vending machines to 33%. The commitment will be implemented over the next three years. This promise is a significant, positive step towards ensuring the nation’s nearly 4 million vending machines will support consumer’s efforts to eat better and lead healthier lives.

Healthy Snacking in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia vending services company One Source Refreshment is a NAMA member and already investing in healthy eating initiatives. This year, it announced a new division of its company called Healthy Source Vending. Healthy Source Vending machines are specifically focused on offering a healthier balance of food, snacks, and beverages. The company also partners with The Right Choice for a Healthier You™ program to label items that meet specific dietary guidelines. This makes it easier for customers to identify and select healthy vending machine products. And as the industry evolves, those healthier products are becoming more and more appealing.

Food and beverage manufacturers are pushing boundaries to introduce innovative and delicious products that support healthy eating. Wholesome snack offerings that are protein-rich, low sugar, and plant-based are all on the rise. Products containing ingredients that are organic or non-GMO also continue to be in demand. And continued research is going into making more products that are minimally processed, nutrient-dense, and containing whole ingredients. Plus, items that were once considered specialty or niche products are now becoming more mainstream. It is anticipated that the demand for these types of products will keep increasing.  After all, busy Americans continue to rely on the snacking industry to not only satisfy their cravings in between meals but to provide meal replacement options as well.

Companies in the greater Philadelphia area are supporting healthy eating too, by updating their break rooms with healthy vending machines and a greater variety of fresh food options. This process will become even easier going forward with the support of NAMA’s Public Health Commitment, vending service companies like One Source Refreshment, and innovative food and beverage manufacturers. It is expected that a growing number of Philadelphia companies will update their break rooms in the New Year to provide improved healthy eating choices for their employees.

One Source Refreshment offers complete vending services to customers in the greater Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, Lancaster & Berks County, New Jersey, and Delaware. They specialize in healthy vending and are pleased to offer free consultations. To schedule, call 800-549-3190.