Improve Company Culture in Philadelphia with a Custom Break Room Solution

February 23, 2022

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Improve Company Culture in Philadelphia with a Custom Break Room Solution

A custom break room solution can improve company culture in so many ways. Let’s face it, a typical workday can often become chaotic and exhausting for employees dealing with commuter traffic jams, tight work deadlines and back-to-back meetings. Make sure your break room area is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee or store a meal.

A well-stocked break room can set the tone for every minute of the day when employees are looking to grab a quick bit to eat or a healthy snack. Fueling and hydrating employees during the workday all starts in the break room. Provide a positive environment for employees that is tailored to their refreshment preferences with a custom break room solution from One Source Refreshment.

Transforming your break room into an employee work destination has its benefits. Keep reading to learn why a custom break room solution is key to employee happiness and improving company culture.

Offer a Place for Employees to Refuel and Relax

Break rooms have become a place where employees go to refuel and relax at the office over a cup of coffee or healthy snack. It’s also a place where employees can interact with their “work family” and get to know each other better. Thus, building a better company culture. Break rooms have become, and will continue to be, a conversation starter and idea generator for employees.

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Offer a Better Break Room Environment

Our break room solutions offer gourmet coffee services, fresh foods, healthy snack choices, and popular beverages. When you upgrade your Philadelphia vending program with a custom micro-market you can offer employees all their favorite refreshments easily while giving them a place to feel comfortable, collaborate and take a break.

Transform your Philadelphia workplace break room into an area where your employees can connect, collaborate, and enjoy a beverage or a healthy meal. From beginning to the end, design to installation, our custom-tailored solutions will provide the perfect place for your employees to get refreshed and energized during their workday.

For more information about our custom break room solutions in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, contact One Source Refreshment at 800-549-3190 fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you and designing your workplace break room.