How to Bring Healthy Vending to Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown: The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ Program

February 23, 2024

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How to Bring Healthy Vending to Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown: The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ Program

Discover the groundbreaking program that is changing Philadelphia and Allentown break rooms for the better. Companies are utilizing healthy vending options to promote well-being. When employees can easily locate and choose healthier food options in the break room, they can achieve their health goals.

One company leading the charge is One Source Refreshment. At the heart of our efforts is The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ program. Going beyond healthy vending, this program helps people embrace wellness in all areas of their lives. In this blog post, we’ll cover the key aspects of this innovative program and its potential advantages for your team.

What is The Right Choice For A Healthier You™?

The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ is a workplace nutrition education program created by GlobalConnect®. As one of their partners, we blend this program into our break room services. This makes it a big feature of our Philadelphia snack vending machines, food vending machines, and beverage vending machines.

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The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ helps you live a healthier lifestyle by making smart food choices. Plus, the program informs Lancaster customers about the nutrition of healthy vending machine snacks and foods. Customers can also find recipes and tips for choosing healthy foods at work and at home.

The program is led by expert dietitians and formed by strict nutritional guidelines. This makes it easier for Philadelphia customers to pick products that meet these guidelines. The program guidelines cover a list of top concerns. These concerns include calories, fat and sugar content, among others, maintaining high standards.

How Healthy Vending in Philadelphia Helps Prevent Chronic Illnesses

Choosing healthy vending options can make a big difference in promoting better health; and potentially preventing chronic illnesses. Research shows that a good diet can help ward off heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Eating more fiber and limiting unhealthy fats are a few ways to improve your diet.

It’s not always easy to find healthy vending machine snacks. That’s where One Source Refreshments can help. We can help add variety to your Philadelphia or Lancaster break room. When healthy options are easy to find, people are more likely to choose them. Making conscious food choices can help your team achieve their long-term health.

The Apple Logo Makes it Easy to Find Healthy Options

When your Lancaster or Philadelphia employees get a break, they often have a limited amount of time. This prevents them from checking labels on every snack or food vending option.

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To simplify identifying healthy choices, products that meet or exceed the program’s criteria are marked with an apple logo. The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ makes it easy to find healthy choices. Just look for the apple logo, indicating that all marked products meet the required standards.

Promoting Wellness Beyond Healthy Vending Machines

The impact of The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ goes beyond vending machine snacks. The program actively encourages and supports great health and wellness practices for your Allentown employees to use at home.

The program offers healthy recipes made by professional chefs. Plus, The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ also provides resources on fitness. Get in shape on your own or with the help of an app. You might even encourage your team to try a fitness challenge together.

At One Source Refreshment, we believe these tools and resources can help people live a healthier lifestyle. This can help boost the overall well-being of your workplace.

Bring Healthy Vending Machines to Your Philadelphia, Allentown, or Lancaster Break Room

We go above and beyond with our Philadelphia vending machine business to boost well-being. With our help, you can add a snack vending machine to your break room that offers clear healthy choices.

The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ can help everyone achieve their health goals.

With this dietician-led program, you can make a big difference in the Philadelphia and Allentown community. Partner with One Source Refreshment and The Right Choice For A Healthier You™ to build a healthier workplace.

Contact One Source Refreshment today to bring healthy vending to your Philadelphia break room. Call 800-549-3190 to make health a priority in your workplace.