How a Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Service Improves Mental Agility

January 20, 2023

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How a Philadelphia Coffee and Tea Service Improves Mental Agility

A cup of coffee is part of a great morning routine. Caffeine boosts mental agility and gets you pumped up for the workday. This helps you stay focused. As such, a Philadelphia coffee and tea service is a great addition to any break room.

Learn how One Source Refreshment’s coffee service helps your team work smarter, not harder.

What is Mental Agility?

In Philadelphia offices, no two days are alike. Thus, staff needs to think on their feet. Mental agility helps them to quickly pivot in ever-changing workplaces.

A Philadelphia office coffee service promotes mental agility. This sets your staff up for success.

Caffeine Boosts Brain Power

Want to enhance employees’ mental agility? Give ‘em some caffeine! According to the National Library of Medicine, caffeine supports alertness. It also improves memory. As a result, staff can stay on top of their tasks.

Also, caffeine turns frowns upside-down! According to Coffee & Health, caffeine boosts your mood. Therefore, gourmet coffee can improve employee morale. This increases retention rates as well. A satisfied staff sticks around.

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Improve Productivity with a Coffee and Tea Service

Looking to improve mental agility in your office? Just add a coffee brewer! One Source Refreshment has countless brewers to choose from. For instance, a Philadelphia single-cup brewer lets you pick your favorite flavor! That’s because it brews coffee by the pod. Try local coffee bean blends from Flavia or Wawa.

Secondly, a bean-to-cup brewer is a big hit. It makes lattes and cappuccinos. Don’t forget the sweet treats. Stock your snack vending machine with plenty of candy. Dark chocolate pairs well with lattes. Plus, it’s caffeinated! This transforms your break room into a cafe.

Lastly, try a traditional coffee brewer. These are great for larger offices. There’s plenty of coffee for everyone! Employees can sip their coffee with feel-good snacks. Our Philadelphia vending machines have tons of healthy options. For example, we offer CLIF Bars, Kind Bars, and nuts.

Don’t Forget a Tasty Tea Service!

Only some workers enjoy coffee. Thus, offer teas in your Philadelphia break room. One Source Refreshments carries all types of teas. We offer big-name brands, such as Tazo, Lipton, and Celestial.

Tea is the perfect lunchtime beverage. Drink it with fresh food. Our Philadelphia micro-markets have many better-for-you choices, like fresh salads and sandwiches! The coolers have room for endless options. Plus, you can stock dry goods on customizable shelves.

Improve Mental Agility with a Coffee and Tea Service

To conclude, caffeine improves mental agility. Therefore, upgrade your break room with a Philadelphia coffee and tea service.

To learn more, contact One Source Refreshment today. We offer Philadelphia pantry services, healthy vending, custom micro-markets, and trendy teas. You can reach us at 800-549-3190 or We can’t wait to hear from you!