Are Food Vending Machines in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown Right for Your Business?

December 21, 2023

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Are Food Vending Machines in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown Right for Your Business?

Picking the perfect break room service can be tricky. You want to make the right choice. The ideal break room can boost employee satisfaction and company morale. Yet, how can you know which solution is best for your Philadelphia, Lancaster, or Allentown workplace?

One Source Refreshment is your local expert in all things break room. We’re here to help you make the best choices for your office break room.

Is Your Business a Perfect Match for Food Vending Machines in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown?

One popular service is a food vending machine. Here’s how you can figure out if our food vending machines are a perfect fit for your business.

To find out, respond “yes” or “no” to these statements:

        1. There aren’t any food options nearby that employees can easily visit on a 30-minute lunch break.
        2. Only unhealthy food options, such as fast food, are available nearby.
        3. You’re looking for a perk to boost company morale.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, food vending machines may be the perfect fit for your break room. They can change your Philadelphia, Lancaster, or Allentown office for the better.

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Benefits of Fresh Food Vending Machines

Why are Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown food vending machines worthwhile? This office break room service is a cost-effective way to offer your employees a range of benefits.

One benefit of vending machine food is that they can promote employee health. How? We offer healthy food vending machines. Employees can find salads, vegetable trays, sandwiches, wraps, and more in our fresh food vending machines. These foods can support a healthy diet. Healthy employees take less sick time. If you want more productivity, offer healthy options onsite!

Quality food vending machines can be a great tool for recruiting employees! Easy-to-access food makes life easier for your team. Plus, you can subsidize vending machines or offer free vending. That means you cover the cost of food vending partially or completely. This employee perk shows employees you care.

One Source Refreshment also partners with GlobalConnect. This allows your company to load money onto their accounts so they have some money to spend. That frees up their budgets.

Also, you can donate from hundreds of choices within the GlobalConnect app, completely free. It’s no extra cost to your company or employees to do good! Yet, this small action can boost moods and help everyone feel better.

Take the Next Step with a Micro-Market

Expand your food options with a Philadelphia micro-market. A micro-market is a fresh food vending machine taken to the next level. Because it is an open market, customers can look at items before making a purchase. In the glass front cooler, customers can find a refreshing drink, nutritious salad, or creamy yogurt from the cooler. Customers can also pick out a tasty trail mix, candy bar, or salty treat from the open shelves.

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In a micro-market, employees can take a look at the nutritional value of each item or read more about the flavors. It feels more like grocery shopping than a vending machine. Plus, employees can check out at a self-service kiosk.

Complement Your Food Vending Service with an Office Coffee Service

Upgrade food vending in Philadelphia, Allentown, or Lancaster with an office coffee service. Coffee goes perfectly with a sweet treat or healthy snack. Plus, coffee is an office staple. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee!

We can tailor your coffee offerings to match your employees’ preferences. From classic brews to specialty beverages, we offer it all! Gourmet coffees and teas will keep your team energized and motivated throughout the day. Plus, this employee benefit may help with retaining employees.

Make Happy Employees with One Source Refreshment Break Room Services

It’s time to enjoy the benefits of fresh food vending machines, micro-markets, or office coffee services in your workplace. Choose One Source Office Refreshment for all of your Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown office break room services.

With a refreshed break room, you can improve company culture. Employees are happier with a great place to relax and find convenient, healthy foods. Contact One Source Refreshment or call us today at 800-549-3190 to get started!