Why drink more water at work?

October 30, 2019

water in Philadelphia

Why drink more water at work?

It is no secret that drinking plenty of water is the key to proper hydration.  But unfortunately, most Philadelphia employees are not drinking enough water during the workday.   By conveniently placing water filtration systems throughout the office, your company can increase employee hydration and improve their health.

If you think that you don’t have to worry about staying hydrated just because the summer is gone, think again. The effects of heating systems and the cold, itself, tend to draw moisture out of the body. Simply put, drinking enough water is important for employees all year long.

water in PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia based vending services supplier One Source Refreshment makes sure that their clients understand the benefits of proper hydration in the workplace.  They provide a full range of water filtration systems, office coffee, and vending services. They encourage all of their clients to install water filtration systems in their break rooms and supplement them with additional units throughout the office.

Severe dehydration is dangerous and can cause life-threatening medical conditions, but most Philadelphia employees usually contend with a milder form.  And though mild, dehydration can still have a negative impact on a worker’s productivity.  A decrease in cognitive abilities, a reduction in concentration and alertness, and slower mental and physical reaction times can all result from dehydration. It might be easy to overcome one or two coworkers who are dehydrated, but when about 75 percent of Americans are dehydrated, it is a real problem. The easiest way to combat this problem?  Encourage your employees to drink more water at the office.

Stocking your company’s break room vending machines with plenty of bottled water is still a safe bet, even if the office has a water filtration system. Offering bottled flat or carbonated water with fruit-infused flavors is another great option.  They offer the benefits of plain bottled water without any diet sweeteners or sugars. Plus, they are zero-calorie, zero preservative, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher.

water in PhiladelphiaOffering your employees fresh foods is another way to promote proper hydration. Break rooms equipped with a micro-market are able to supply delicious fresh food options, plus an expanded variety of beverages and snacks.  This type of improved break room has become increasingly favored in the greater Philadelphia area and One Source Refreshment has upgraded many of its clients to the popular micro-market format. Water-rich foods such as fresh fruits and salads are a staple part of their micro-market menu and a tasty way to gradually improve hydration throughout the day.

Taking the first step towards a hydrated workplace is easy with the help of One Source Refreshment.  They offer free break room consultations and can create a plan to help keep your employees healthy and happy at work.  One Source Refreshment services clients throughout the greater Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Delaware.  For more information, call them at 800-549-3190.