Micro-Markets Bring Excitement to the Philadelphia Break Room

December 29, 2021

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Micro-Markets Bring Excitement to the Philadelphia Break Room

Custom markets bring excitement with your employee’s favorite refreshments in the workplace break room. Filled with healthy options and grab and go snacks, these mini-convenience stores bring your employees the best in Philadelphia break rooms solutions.

Replicating your local mini-convenience store, a micro-market provides everything your employees need for all their refreshments needs. From prepared meals and coffee drinks to tasty snacks and thirst-quenching beverages, they operate 24/7 based on a pay-as-you-go system without the need for an onsite cashier.

So, what can a fully stocked micro-market bring when you add it to your break room solutions program? Keep reading to get the full benefits of custom markets.

Fit Any Space

Our self-serve markets can be suited to fully utilize the space you have reserved for the employee break room. Whether small or large, our team can build a custom layout that will benefit your space. Then, we fill it up and keep it stocked with your favorite snack and drink options!

Round the Clock Access

When you opt for a micro-market in your office, it is available all day, every day, regardless of the shift. Our markets cater to early birds and late-night owls, offering everything from a light breakfast to a hearty dinner.

Variety of Checkout Options

Equipped with innovative technology, employees can use cash, cards, prepaid cards, or even a mobile app to complete their purchases. These options offer a touchless solution and reduce the cash requirements of traditional Philadelphia break room solutions.

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Products, Products, Products

Micro-markets offer a wide variety of products that employees will love. From fresh foods to the latest snack choices, we keep our micro-markets stalked in foods your employees want to eat. Transition from traditional vending machines to a micro-market today!

Remote Monitoring

Our remote inventory monitoring system tracks sales as they happen. So, this means we can replenish the stock in your Philadelphia micro-market quickly and easily. And this process ensures your refreshment inventory stays fresh, so your employees’ favorites are at their fingertips any time, every day!

Ready to Have the Benefits of a One Source Micro-Market?

Upgrade your Philadelphia break room with One Source Refreshment. Our break room solutions experts help you determine what custom market design will best meet your workplace needs. Call us at 800-549-3190 today to learn more!