Creating a positive Philadelphia break room environment for employee productivity

April 14, 2022

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Creating a positive Philadelphia break room environment for employee productivity

Employee productivity is a primary goal for every Philadelphia business, but did you know that one of the best ways to boost productivity is to give your employees a break? When it comes to productivity, the company break room can be one of the most effective tools.

A truly effective break room should contain certain elements that will enhance employee productivity and create an inviting space where they can truly relax. Let’s face it, your employees need a space to get away from their work during breaks and lunches, to be productive when returning to their tasks.

Create an inviting space

Creating a space for employees to relax gives them a chance to escape work duties and socialize with their coworkers over a quick snack or cup of coffee. With our Philadelphia office coffee service, you can create a café-style environment where employees can enjoy gourmet coffee blends suited to their tastes. And, when you combine this with a snack or beverage vending program, employees can also grab a quick snack or carbonated beverage on their break.

Offer Fresh Foods and Healthy Snacks

Make it clear that the break room is separate from work and offer some small comforts like fresh foods and healthy snacks for your employees. A Philadelphia micro-market can provide this for your employees with fresh food options, healthy snacks, and must-have beverages your employees will love while taking a break at work.

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Keep it Inclusive for Everyone

Your break room needs should be fully functional and available to every employee. It’s essential to consider the needs of all employees when designing your break room, and you should consider employee input in conceptualizing the space. If you meet everyone’s needs, you’ll find that you have happier, more productive employees who feel that their input matters.

Don’t Design Your Break Room Alone

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