COVID-19 Update: Service Continues

March 16, 2020

One Source Vending Services in Philadelphia

COVID-19 Update: Service Continues

A note to our customers, friends, and fellow community members

One Source Refreshment values your health and safety above all else. During this time, we will continue to provide refreshment services to employees still reporting to work.  It is our hope that having safe access to food and beverages on-site will minimize your employees’ need to go outside of the office and help support the recommendations for social distancing.

We have been closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and have discussed how to limit the spread of the disease with Health Departments in the localities that we operate.  We are also closely monitoring the Center for Disease Control’s website for updated information. We are taking the following measures to ensure your safety:

o All Route Drivers must wash/sanitize hands upon entering any client building.

o All kiosks/coffee/vending screens and touchpads will be sanitized with EVERY visit.

o All hand contact surfaces within the café, offices, warehouse, etc. will be sanitized with EVERY visit. This includes door handles, tray rails, handles on forklifts, hand trucks, etc.

o All associates have been directed to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently and to avoid shaking hands, high fives, or other forms of contact that can spread the virus.

o All One Source associates have been instructed to avoid touching their eyes, nose, & mouth and to use proper etiquette when sneezing or coughing (use a tissue and promptly dispose or cough into the inside of your elbow/arm).

o Any employee that comes to work displaying flu-like symptoms will be isolated from other employees and sent home immediately.

o All employees are required to self-report on their health.

We will continue to monitor this situation and do our very best to support your needs. Additional updates will be provided as warranted. Thank you for supporting our business and for everything you are doing to keep your employees and our communities safe!