Coffee Service in Philadelphia

Coffee Service and the Philadelphia Micro-Market

Coffee Service in Philadelphia

Office coffee service (OCS) is often considered a separate service when it comes to the break room. But it doesn’t have to be. For a moment, ponder what it would be like to mesh coffee service with a micro-market. On their own, each offers distinct benefits. But when they are blended together in your Philadelphia office break room, they create a unique employee perk.

Employees now have a relaxed on-site spot to grab a gourmet coffee and a snack or meal. This is now even more important. Research has also found the best time to enjoy a cup of coffee is mid-morning or early afternoon, not right after waking up.

To effectively blend coffee service and micro-markets, there are two things to consider. The first is the different aspects of coffee service. And the second is how each aspect helps integrate coffee with the micro-market.

Coffee Service in Philadelphia

Coffee Brewers

      • choose a brewer that makes gourmet beverages; bean-to-cup and single-cup brewers are the current favorites
      • with the concerns around COVID-19, consider a touchless brewer
      • discover which brands are most sought after in your area—yes, brands matter even with brewers

Coffee Beans

      • offer a range of local and national brands
      • discover which coffee brands are well known and liked by your Philadelphia employees
      • make sure that the perception of the coffee brands matches the perception of the micro-market—both should be high-end

Other Coffee Service Factors

      • place the coffee service near food and snacks that go well with coffee. Philadelphia employees are more likely to purchase a breakfast item or an afternoon treat if it’s nearby.
      • create a supply station with a variety of creamers, flavorings, and sweeteners.
      • employees are consumers. Brand recognition of brewers and coffee brands plays a role in purchase decisions.

To make the melding process easier, One Source Refreshment can help. We will guide you through the steps of integrating your OCS into an existing micro-market or adding both at the same time. For more information about micro-markets, coffee service, and other vending solutions, please contact us at 1-800-549-3190.