Break Room Services: Eco-Friendly Tips

February 13, 2020

Break Room Services in Philadelphia

Break Room Services: Eco-Friendly Tips

Philadelphia businesses are reducing their carbon footprint by making simple changes to their break room services. And many of these businesses are looking to One Source Refreshment for guidance in the process. One Source Refreshment specializes in environmentally friendly break room services and is constantly pursuing eco-friendly products, services, and technologies. Below are some easy, first steps they recommend to make your break room more sustainable:

Break Room Services in PhiladelphiaReduce Plastic Water Bottle Waste

Philadelphia companies that install a water filtration system in the office immediately reduce their employee’s dependency on plastic water bottles. One Source Refreshment’s water filtration systems utilize your office’s water line and do not rely on large, plastic, 5-gallon jugs. They recommend that employees use a reusable cup or water bottle to reduce waste even further.

In vending machines, it now possible to replace plastic water bottles with a greener option. Dasani’s new aluminum cans and bottles are now available and One Source is encouraging customers to make the switch. Aluminum is easier to recycle than plastic and has a larger reuse rate since it can be used to make new aluminum cans. The same does not hold true for plastic water bottles. Plus, recycling plastic bottles is a more involved process requiring more energy.

Offer Eco-Friendly Coffee Service

For companies wanting the convenience of single-cup coffee service, One Source Refreshment recommends a delicious and sustainable option: the Bodecker single-cup brewing system. Bodecker’s coffee pods are made from 100% aluminum and are fully recyclable.  One Source Refreshment is the exclusive provider of the Bodecker brewing system in the Philadelphia area and it is extremely popular with its clients.  Other coffee companies, like Flavia, are introducing new programs to make it easier for their customers to recycle their products.  Flavia’s single-serve freshpacks can now be returned to their processing partner TerraCycle®, who will separate the coffee and tea for composting and develop new products by recycling the packaging.

Break Room Services in PhiladelphiaImprove on-site options for lunch

Upgrading your break room to a micro-market also has a positive environmental impact. Workers in companies with a micro-market enjoy a large selection of fresh and healthy foods in addition to their favorite snacks and beverages. With options like these, they no longer need to drive off-site for lunch. The result? A reduction in your employees’ fuel usage and carbon emissions throughout the day.

One Source Refreshment is a locally based company and its micro-markets also support local food and beverage providers. These products travel minimal distances to reach your Philadelphia break room and the sale of them supports your local economy.  Surprisingly, One Source says that clients love the idea of a micro-market, but have a misconception that it is expensive to install. A micro-market is actually a NO COST improvement that is perfect for mid to large-sized companies.

Whether you are choosing micro-market, office coffee, or vending services,  One Source Refreshment recommends you pick a provider that uses energy-efficient equipment. Better providers will also have modernized systems that maximize the productivity of their delivery routes. It is important that you work with a company that will offer ideas and suggestions as products and technologies continue to improve.  Your break room services provider should share your vision for a better, greener break room.

One Source Refreshment builds better breakrooms throughout the greater Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, Lancaster & Berks Counties, New Jersey, and Delaware. To request a free consultation, call 800-549-3190.