Boost Employee Happiness in 2024 with Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown Vending Machines

January 19, 2024

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Boost Employee Happiness in 2024 with Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown Vending Machines

Today, employee satisfaction is a key to success. Something as simple as modern vending machines or a stylish micro-market can improve company morale. Adding these break room solutions helps companies show their workforce they truly care. According to a recent survey by MetLife, a staggering 42% of employees feel that their company doesn’t care about them.

Fortunately, that’s easy to change. Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster companies can boost employee happiness with break room services. Relaxed employees are happy employees. The break room is where your team gathers to take a moment and unwind. Improving this space is an excellent way to show you care.

One Source Refreshment is here to help. Here are our top tips for boosting employee happiness:

Make Happy Employees with Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster Vending Machines

A classic choice, vending machines are easy to use and reliable. Adding vending machines to your office break room makes it easy for your team to find snacks and beverages. We provide a full range of vending machines. Add food vending machines so that employees can find filling meals within steps of their desks. We also offer snack vending machines and beverage vending machines.

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A vending machine can add convenience to your workplace. Employees don’t have to leave the building to find great food options. You can make employees even happier with subsidized vending. With this option, your company covers part of the cost of vending items.

Our vending machines include the power of ZippyAssist. With this app, you can contact us quickly and easily. As your personal assistant, the app offers instant refunds. Plus, you can give us feedback in seconds.

Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster workplaces have trusted us for 40 years. We can help you with your office break room too! With One Source Refreshment, you won’t have to lift a finger. We take care of stocking and upkeep so that your team can always find their favorite products.

Improve Ease of Access: The Micro-Market Advantage

A micro-market provides fresh food, a step above even a healthy food vending machine. Micro-markets are bigger, meaning there’s more space for a variety of items. Find salads and sandwiches in the glass front coolers. Try whole-grain snacks and trail mix from the open shelves. The sky’s the limit!

We make it easy to install a micro-market. Our team will install a small, self-service store in your break room. We can include a custom product menu. That way, your team can enjoy their favorite healthy foods and tasty treats.

Our Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Allentown micro-markets go the extra mile. They do much more than improve your break room aesthetic. They also create happy employees! Great access to fresh food makes life easier for your team.

Improve Sustainability with One Source Refreshment

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In 2024, sustainability is more than a passing trend. Today, employees expect their companies to work toward a better future for the planet. One Source Refreshment understands this. In fact, we’re proud to be leaders in taking care of the environment.

We use modern technology to help us in our effort to go green. We can track your Lancaster break room remotely. That way, we know exactly what vending machine beverages or micro-market items you need. This minimizes waste because we can make fewer trips. Plus, we reuse and recycle in our micro-markets as much as possible.

Our company is working toward a greener future. When you work with us, you work with a company that aligns with your values. We invite you to come on out and see the solar panels on our warehouse! You can also see our team in action. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Elevate the Break Room Experience with Philadelphia Vending Machines and More

No matter how attractive your break room is, service matters. Poor service can ruin even the best break room. At One Source Refreshment, we bring expertise and customer service with a smile.

Whether you need Allentown vending snack machines or a micro-market, we take your experience to the next level. We partner with ZippyAssist to ensure excellent customer service. Help is just a click away! We make sure that every customer is happy. When your employees have positive experiences in the break room, they take that attitude back to work.

As we step into 2024, make a change that results in happy employees. A break room upgrade can boost company morale and employee satisfaction. Work with One Source Refreshment and redefine your break room. With our help, you can bring your team the best in Philadelphia, Allentown, and Lancaster break room solutions.

Get in touch with One Source Refreshment today to start transforming your break room. Call 800-549-3190 for to create a break room that will make your employees smile.