You Are What you Eat in Philadelphia

Are you emotionally engaged…with your food in Philadelphia? Recent research by the Center for Food Integrity and the Harvard Business snack and food vending machines in PhiladelphiaReview suggest you are.
In the December 15, 2015 issue of Food Business News, Keith Nunes writes an editorial that draws on the research of both of the above organizations. In his article titled, “The Role of ‘Emotional Engagement’ in Food Marketing” Nunes shares that consumers:
1. Want to be able to engage with a brand (think website Q/A, Twitter and Instagram)
2. Are seeking products that make them feel good about themselves and their decisions
3. Connect emotionally with brands when they resonate with their deepest emotional drives, including the desire to feel secure, to stand out from the crowd or be the person they want to be
4. View what they eat as more than substance

How Does This Affect Your Vending and/or Food and Beverage Program in Philadelphia?
As more research becomes available on emotional engagement with food and as consumers continue to become more educated on how the food they eat is produced and where it is grown expect to see your favorite snacks with new labels and in some cases new recipes (think no artificial flavors or colors, gluten free, organic, etc.)
And if it is true that more than snacks are now a way to define ourselves; ask yourself not only what does your personal snacking say about you and your priorities, but what does the food you offer your Philadelphia employees say about your company and your company’s priorities.
In other words, if you are what you eat, what do you want to be? Do you want your Philadelphia company to prioritize cost, health, choice? Do you want to be known for quality, for offering the best, for being the best, for being on top of trends?
If yes to any of the above and you aren’t a One Source Refreshment customer we invite you to call us today at 1-800-549-3190 to speak to one of our team members about creating a snack and beverage program that defines you the way you want to be defined.
If you are already one of our customers in Philadelphia but don’t feel like your snack and beverage program is projecting the image you desire call your One Source Refreshment representative today at 1-800-549-3190 and we’ll work with you to redefine your program based on new priorities.