Upgrade Your Break Room with Modern Wyomissing Vending Machines

vending service and water filtration service in Wyomissing and PhiladelphiaAn essential part of any Wyomissing break room is quality refreshments. Add a variety of snacks, foods, and beverages to your break room with our Wyomissing vending service. The vending machines of today offer modern technology that creates an ideal customer experience. We can customize the product mix in our Wyomissing vending machines to meet the needs of your employees. We can stock the vending machines with healthy snacks, fresh foods, favorite local products, and popular national brands. Employees can pay for products using credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. The vending machines will always be fully stocked thanks to remote monitoring technology that allows us to track product supplies from afar. With vending machines, your team can grab snacks and even a full lunch without leaving the building. Bring this benefit to
your workplace.

Offer Personalized Specialty Coffees with Our Wyomissing Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

beverage vending machines and office coffee service in Wyomissing and PhiladelphiaYour employees can start every day right with our Wyomissing office coffee service. From lattes to cappuccinos and other specialty coffees, our bean-to-cup and single-cup coffee service serve personalized drinks. You can also brew pots of coffee using our traditional coffee brewers. We’ll ensure your Wyomissing office coffee station is always fully stocked with creamer, stir sticks, sugar, and more. Complete your break room with our Wyomissing water filtration service. When your team has access to fresh water free of impurities, they can stay hydrated and refreshed. We offer a range of water coolers including free-standing, countertop, and plumbed-in options.

Can Boost
Employee Satisfaction

food vending machines and micro markets in Wyomissing and PhiladelphiaA Wyomissing micro-market can make life much more convenient for your employees. Between meetings and deadlines, it can be tough for your employees to find time to buy healthy meals and snacks. With a micro-market in your Wyomissing break room, employees can find hundreds of products within steps of their desks. From fresh foods like sandwiches, salads, and meals to favorite snacks and beverages, a micro-market has it all. Plus, our micro-markets prioritize easy purchases through our self-serve kiosk. Customers can check out using a credit card, debit card, mobile wallet, or our mobile app through GlobalConnect. Through the app, employees can gain access to rewards, special promotions, and even support a charity of their choice. Discover how a Wyomissing micro-market can improve your break room.

Improve Company Culture With a Wyomissing
Office Pantry

healthy vending machines and office pantry service in Wyomissing and Philadelphia

When employees can grab free snacks and beverages in your Wyomissing break room, they feel appreciated and valued. Our Wyomissing office pantry service makes it easy to keep your break room stocked with all of your favorite refreshments. We’ll work with you to design a space and product menu that meets your Wyomissing workplace’s needs. Not only can an office pantry improve morale, but it can also help attract new talent.

We look forward to helping you build the break room of your dreams! Give us a call at 1-800-549-3190 to learn more about our Wyomissing break
room services.