Enjoy Better Breaks with Wilmington Vending Machines

vending machines and office coffee in Wilmington and PhiladelphiaA break is much more enjoyable with a healthy snack or indulgent treat. Your employees can find their favorite refreshments with our Wilmington vending machines. Completely tailored to match your employees’ dietary needs and preferences, our Wilmington vending service is unique to your workplace. Request your favorite local products and national brands, include healthy options, or even try fresh food vending. Our modern vending machines include the latest technology so that we can track inventory from afar. That way, your Wilmington break room will always be stocked with your favorite snacks and beverages. Additionally, our Wilmington vending machines are mobile-payment enabled for convenient,
easy purchases.

Add A Wilmington Office Coffee Service and Water
Filtration to Boost
Office Morale

vending service and water filtration in Wilmington and PhiladelphiaA delightful cup of coffee or tea can go a long way to improving the mood of your hardworking Wilmington employees. Bring them the best Wilmington office coffee service with One Source Refreshment. Our bean-to-cup brewers grind beans on the spot for the freshest cup of coffee. We also offer single-cup service and traditional coffee brewers. There’s something for everyone! Complete your break room beverage station with our Wilmington water filtration service. With our variety of water cooler models, one of them is sure to fit into your break room space perfectly. There’s nothing like fresh water free of impurities to quench your employees’ thirst.

Wilmington Micro-Markets Protect Your Most Important Asset: Your Team

beverage vending machines and micro markets in Wilmington and PhiladelphiaWhen it comes to providing healthy snacks and fresh food choices within the break room, few services can compare to our Wilmington micro-market service. Offering hundreds of quality products such as salads, fruit, whole grain snacks, yogurt, and more, a micro-market makes it easy for employees to make healthy choices. You can also include favorite treats like candy bars and treats so that employees can stay motivated throughout the workday. Our Wilmington micro-markets are modern. Through our partnership with GlobalConnect, employees can even make mobile app payments and earn rewards. Additionally, we’ll take care of inventory management and maintenance so that your micro-market runs smoothly. Upgrade your Wilmington break room today!

A Wilmington Office Pantry is a Break Room Must Have

food vending machines and office pantry service in Wilmington and Philadelphia

Reward your employees with a Wilmington office pantry. Through this service, your team can stop by the break room for free snacks and beverages. Include the refreshments of your choice through our customized Wilmington office pantry service. We’ll bring everything necessary to set up your Wilmington break room including bulk food dispensers, shelves, and other equipment. Your employees will love this new perk. In fact, it can also form an important part of your recruiting and retainment strategy. Start designing your office pantry with One Source Refreshment today!

We look forward to helping you build the break room of your dreams! Give us a call at 1-800-549-3190 to learn more about our Wilmington break
room services.