vending machines throughout the City of ReadingVending Machines and Office Coffee Service in Reading

Reading area business owners: Are you providing the snacks, drinks and other refreshment that helps to keep workers on the job? If youʼre not fully stocking your break room, your Reading area business may be suffering from lower productivity and lower morale. On the other hand, if youʼre helping to keep your employees refreshed, theyʼll tend to stay on the job longer, and in turn boost productivity.

When you look at it that way, vending is more than just snacks and drinks — itʼs also a contributing factor to the health of your business.

One Source Refreshment Provides Customers with Quality Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service in Reading

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in ReadingAt One Source Refreshment, weʼve been offering a full line of vending products to Reading businesses for more than 30 years. Our services include:

  • Office coffee service. Give your Reading employees that morning or afternoon boost with a fully stocked office coffee setup. Weʼll help you choose from basic coffee equipment, as well as additional options that include single cup systems and flavored
    coffees and teas.
  • Water filtration. At One Source Refreshment, we do water a little differently. Instead of 5-gallon jugs, weʼll install a plumbed-in system that delivers clean water, with no down time to refill jugs.
  • Vending machines. Choose from a wide variety of vending machine options for your Reading employees. Stock your break room with healthy vending products, cold food, coffee vending machines and much more. For drinks, choose from Coca Cola and Pepsi vending machines stocked with the juices, sodas and waters of your choice.
  • Micro-markets. Provide even more options for your workplace by turning your break room into a micro-market. Theyʼre the latest trend in vending. Set up like a small convenience store, drinks and snacks are placed on self-service racks and in coolers. Customers can then pay for their items using a credit or debit card, using the self service kiosk.

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