Prioritize Wellness with Easton
Vending Machines

beverage vending machines and water service in Easton and PhiladelphiaBring healthy vending machines and a range of other Easton vending services to your breakroom. With our food vending, snack vending, and beverage vending options, your employees can make smart lifestyle choices. Our modern Easton vending machines can be customized to include your preferred products such as whole-grain snacks and nutritious items. Customers can make purchases using modern payment options such as mobile wallets and credit cards. We’ll ensure your break room is always fully stocked with refreshments using the latest remote monitoring technology. Bring the convenience of our Easton break room services to your workplace.

Build a Better Break Room with Easton Office Coffee Service and
Water Filtration

food vending machines and office coffee solutions in Easton and PhiladelphiaA quality Easton office coffee station is an essential part of your break room. Many employees look forward to a tasty cup of coffee or tea to start their day or get them through the afternoon. Our Easton office coffee service offers gourmet coffees and teas in addition to modern coffee equipment. Choose from our bean-to-cup, single-cup, and traditional coffee brewers. Additionally, we’ll supply your break room with all of the coffee essentials such as creamer, stir sticks, sugar, and more. Enhance your break room by also adding our Easton water filtration service. Serving limitless fresh water free of impurities, employees will enjoy staying hydrated with your new water filtration system.

An Easton Micro-Market Creates an Office Oasis

healthy vending machines and micro markets in Easton and PhiladelphiaBuild the break room of your dreams with an Easton micro-market. Offering a range of quality products, our micro-market service can include a custom product menu. Request healthy snacks and fresh foods, or bring in your employees’ favorite treats. At your new Easton micro-market, employees can find satisfying lunches and popular local products. Making a purchase is easy at the self-serve kiosk which accepts mobile wallets, credit cards, and cash. Employees can even make payments, earn rewards and take advantage of promotions through a mobile app used in partnership with GlobalConnect. Your employees will enjoy the convenience and wide range of products available in your Easton break room.

Your Employees will Fall in Love with Your Easton Office Pantry

healthy vending service and office pantry service in Easton and Philadelphia

Create the employee benefit your team has been hoping for with an Easton office pantry. Serving free snacks and beverages to your hardworking employees, an office pantry shows your team that they’re highly valued. Plus, our Easton office pantry service can help attract new talent. We’ll work with you to create the ideal office pantry for your Easton
break room.

We look forward to helping you build the break room of your dreams! Give us a call at 1-800-549-3190 to learn more about our Easton break
room services.