Enjoy a Diverse Assortment of Refreshments with Our Allentown
Vending Machines

vending machines and water filtration in Allentown and Philadelphia

Most adults enjoy at least one snack during the day. Help employees find a satisfying snack or meal within steps of their desks by adding Allentown vending machines to your break room. Today’s modern vending machines offer more than just soda, juice, chips, and pretzels. Our fresh food vending machines also offer sandwiches, salads, and other meals. With our customized Allentown vending services, we can also stock vending machines with your preferred snacks, beverages, and foods. Using modern technology, we also track inventory so that we can stock more popular items and always keep your supplies replenished. Customers can pay using credit cards, mobile wallets, and cash. Enjoy an amazing assortment of refreshments in your Allentown break room with vending machines.

Sip Your Favorite Brands with Allentown Office Coffee Service and
Water Filtration

office coffee and vending service in Allentown and PhiladelphiaEnhancing your company’s break room can be as easy as improving your Allentown office coffee service. At One Source Refreshment Service, we partner with gourmet coffee suppliers and beloved national brands to offer the best coffee experience. It all starts with excellent modern coffee equipment such as our single-cup coffee brewers and bean-to-cup brewers. In addition, we offer traditional office coffee brewers which fit in perfectly at any Allentown office coffee station. Elevate your beverage station by also adding our Allentown water filtration service. With a water filtration system, the taste of coffee and tea can be improved. Plus, employees will be encouraged to stay hydrated
and refreshed.

Build an Allentown
Micro-Market with
State-of-the-Art Technology

micro markets and beverage vending machines in Allentown and Philadelphia

A unique onsite food service is an ideal addition to your Allentown break room. This is exactly what you get with an Allentown micro-market. A micro-market is like having a mini convenience store onsite. Our Allentown micro-market service can be customized to meet your employees’ needs and dietary preferences. Fill your micro-markets shelves with snacks, treats, and favorite local products. Include fresh foods, sandwiches, salads, yogurt, and more in the glass front coolers. Our micro-markets feature modern technology that allows modern payment options such as mobile wallets and credit cards. Additionally, we partner with USConnect which allows employees to pay using an app and also collect rewards.

Revitalize Staff with an Allentown
Office Pantry

office pantry service and food vending machines in Allentown and Philadelphia

When your Allentown employees are hungry and tired, make it easy for them to access healthy snacks and tasty treats in the break room. Our Allentown office pantry service helps bring a customized menu of refreshments to your break room in a hassle-free manner. We’ll take care of all of the logistics including set-up, maintenance, and restocking. We can also work with you on the budget, menu, and design to match your goals. Start transforming your Allentown break room into an employee benefit that retains staff and even helps recruit new talent.

We look forward to helping you build the break room of your dreams! Give us a call at 1-800-549-3190 to learn more about our Allentown break
room services.