Perk up your employees with specialty coffee and flavorful tea

Save your employees costly trips to the coffee shop with our complete office coffee service. We offer a distinguishing line-up of coffee, tea, and specialty beverages. Further customize your coffeehouse experience with our assortment of creamers, sweeteners and paper products. We handle all of the details so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

We bring the coffee shop experience right to your Philadelphia workplace and offer a wide variety of brewing options. Which is right for you?

office coffee machines in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Single Cup Brewers

  • Clean and convenient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Huge variety of coffee flavors & brands
  • Additional choices like tea, cocoa, & soup
water filtration in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Bean to Cup Brewers

  • Single cup brewing
  • Whole beans ground on demand
  • Gourmet coffee shop beverages
  • Freshly crafted whips and froths
water filtration solutions in Philadelphia, Allentown, & Lancaster

Traditional Brewers

  • Brew smaller amounts of a full pot
  • Insulated carafes keep coffee hot
  • Commercial sizes available for large output
  • Variety of accessories

Give your employees the best of both worlds with our exclusive Bodecker brewing system!

water filtration and healthy vending machines in Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster
  • Premium coffee, tea, and specialty drinks
  • Freshly crafted whips and froths
  • Patented brewing process
  • 100% recyclable single cup pods

We offer a huge selection of your favorite brands

Philadelphia, Allentown & Lancaster water filtration and healthy vending machines

Tea lover? We’ve got you covered!

We satisfy our tea customers with a premium collection of black, herbal, and green tea.

Water Filtration Service

Improve the taste of your coffee and tea service with pure, filtered water. Our direct-line units eliminate the hassle of 5 gallon jugs.

Why wait? Start enjoy great tasting coffee and tea in your office right away!