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A healthy workforce starts in the break room

Refreshment in the workplace is changing. There is an increasing focus on health and wellness, starting with the food, snack, and drink options offered in the break room. Our customer locations are customizing the selections of healthy items to meet this new trend and improve employee morale. Healthier employees are happier, more productive, and lead to lower insurance costs. Choose from our wide variety of healthy beverages, healthy snacks, and fresh food options, especially in our healthy food-focused micro-markets, which allow more options and 24-hour on-site refreshment shopping.

Encourage healthy eating by offering great options free to your employees using our pantry service.

Create the ideal mix of healthy vending machine options that support healthier lifestyle choices.

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Personalize a corporate wellness solution

Partner with us to make your break room a symbol of health and wellness. Choose from our wide range of services and products that meet nutritional guidelines and encourage healthier eating.

Go delicious and nutritious.