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For vending services in King of Prussia, youʼll find no better option than One Source Refreshment. Weʼve been serving customers in King of Prussia and the wider region since 1980. With our extensive experience, you can bet that youʼll be getting the best service and the best products, every time.

Get office coffee service and water filtration in King of Prussia

Office Coffee Service and water filtration in King of Prussia
Choose from the following vending services for your King of Prussia workplace:

  • Office coffee service. Whether you want a simple setup with basic coffee equipment, or you want to offer more variety by stocking flavored coffees and teas and single cup systems in the break room, weʼre here to help you make it happen.
  • Water filtration. Deliver clean, purified water to your workforce with the use of our plumbed-in water filtration systems. Theyʼre easier and safer to use than 5-gallon jugs, and the water tastes great.
  • Vending machines. Weʼll help you choose the right combination of snacks and drinks for your King of Prussia staff. Options include traditional vending products, healthy vending options, and free or subsidized vending. On top of snacks, weʼll also supply you with Coca Cola and Pepsi vending products, including sodas, juice and water.
  • Micro-markets. For even more variety in vending options, micro-markets are the solution. Grab onto this growing trend in vending, which transforms your break room into a mini corner store. Customers can buy items using a debit or credit card, making the micro-market even more simple and convenient to use.

Whatever your vending needs in King of Prussia, One Source Refreshment is here to help! Our quality service and years of experience will ensure your needs are met, and that your break room is fully stocked with everything you need, all the time.

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