Healthy Vending in Philadelphia

New Healthy Vending Option in Philadelphia

Finding a healthy vending option just got easier in Philadelphia. Vending service company One Source Refreshment has launched its new division: Healthy Source Vending. Their goal is to make healthier snacks and beverages more accessible in workplaces throughout the greater Philadelphia area. They have their sights set on schools, hospitals, and recreation facilities too.

Healthy Vending in Philadelphia

Laura Long and her father, Bob Betz

The new healthy vending division will be run by Laura Long, She was raised in the vending industry and is very excited to be returning to it.  Laura is the daughter of Bob Betz, owner of One Source Refreshment, one of the largest independent vending service providers in the greater Philadelphia area. After college, Laura spent years working outside of the family business to gain experience in sales, marketing, and operations. But it was always her hope to return to her roots and make a positive difference in the vending industry. Laura believes that Healthy Source Vending will do just that.

The desire to start a division dedicated to healthy vending machines came after the birth of Laura’s twin boys two years ago. The babies’ early delivery required an extended hospital stay – and Laura and her husband, Chuck, were there every step of the way. Busy, tired, and distracted, they were often grabbing food when they could from a nearby vending machine. “We were amazed at the lack of healthy choices available at a time when we needed it most,” Laura remembers.  “It was really hard to feel good about anything we were eating.” That experience led to the development of Healthy Source Vending. Laura is thrilled to be working in partnership with her Dad on the venture. “My Dad is an expert in vending and has so many great ties to our community. There has already been a tremendous response to what we are trying to accomplish.”

So, what can we expect from Healthy Source Vending? Laura’s product menu will focus on balance. It will offer a wide variety of healthy snacks and beverages and take special care to support dietary concerns. For example, items that are vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, low-fat, and reduced-sodium will all be a part of the mix. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still count on Healthy Source Vending to have your favorite sweet treats and indulgences. They will all be available too. The goal is to create a customized assortment for each customer that supports their dietary goals as well as their occasional cravings.

Healthy Source Vending may be fresh and new, but it is part of a vending service company with a long, successful track record. Through One Source Refreshment, it will be able to provide office coffee service, micro-markets, and water-filtration. It will also have the support of One Source Refreshment’s facilities, technologies, and resources. The two divisions will operate hand in hand to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Healthy Source Vending will be a valuable resource for companies looking to support corporate wellness initiatives. Fitness centers, health care facilities, and schools will also find peace of mind in knowing that they are providing a common-sense balance of vending options for their employees, students, and guests.

Interested in making a healthy change in your vending services? Healthy Source Vending serves clients in the Philadelphia area, Lehigh Valley, New Jersey, and Delaware. To schedule a free consultation, call 800-549-3190.